Finding the right web analytics software for your business is like finding a needle in a haystack. To make your life easier, we decided to test Hotjar, Mixpanel, and Clicktale and compare them with FullSession, our web analytics software.

In this blog post, we will share our experience with these three tools. You will learn more about their differences and get a better understanding of their features and benefits. Plus, we’ll give you tips on how to use them for your business!  Read on to learn more about the most popular web analytics solutions.

Hotjar removes the guesswork with visual reporting

Hotjar incoming feedback

Hotjar is a web analytics tool that tracks your website visitors’ activity and behavior. It provides visual data and reporting to help you reveal what your users like, don’t like, and how you can optimize your website to achieve your business goals. By monitoring users’ behavior in real-time, you can take quick actions and immediately observe the effect of your changes.

Convert more visitors into customers with Hotjar

Compared with other alternatives, Hotjar has integrated analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and feedback tools in one platform. Here is a breakdown of the features you can expect from Hotjar:

  • Heatmaps
  • Session recordings
  • Conversion funnels
  • Form analysis
  • User feedback
  • Incoming feedback
  • Surveys
  • Usability testing recruitment

Discover what you don’t see in Google Analytics with Hotjar

Hotjar vs Google Analytics in 2021: Pros, Cons, Differences

Google Analytics reveals the raw data on your website visitors’ behavior, but it’s not a good option if you don’t have enough time or knowledge to dig through its complex reports.

Compared with Google Analytics, Hotjar helps you understand the context of your users’ behavior, providing visual data that is easy to interpret. If you combine these two tools, you’ll have a holistic view of what’s driving your visitors to convert or what challenges they might have.

Build better websites with Hotjar

Hotjar doesn’t work for every business, but it is a good investment for SMEs. Small businesses can take advantage of a free plan with limited features and a maximum of 1,000 pageviews/heatmap per month.

Medium-size businesses can pay a fee starting from $39/month while growing companies should use the recommended business package starting from $99/month. Hotjar also offers a scale package for enterprises starting from $389/month to unlock its full features. Before you decide to proceed with this solution, you should check out our comprehensive Hotjar review first.

Keep the customer in focus with Mixpanel


Mixpanel is a user analytics software that collects data from both mobile devices and web browsers, making it one of the most popular analytics platforms on the market. It allows you to link every event on your website with a single user, receiving data from the user’s device in real-time. It analyzes the information automatically and creates accurate and relevant reports to help you improve the user experience. Here is an overview of its most important features.

1. Interactive reports

Mixpanel currently offers eight types of interactive reports: Insights, Funnels, Flows, Retention, Impact, Users, Experiments, and Signal reports. Choose which figures are most relevant to your business and get a breakdown of how they’ve changed over time.

2. Team dashboards and alerts

You can customize Mixpanel dashboards to fit your needs and get the most up-to-date information on your product’s performance in real-time. Also, you can create custom alerts and define what kind of issues you want to monitor. If you want to keep your team informed about all important metrics, you can send weekly digests by email or integrate Slack with Mixpanel.

3. Limitless segmentation

Mixpanel lets you segment any attribute, cohort, and action, uncover your audience’s engagement drivers and save your favorite segments so you can use them in any report. You can use these features to identify problems that need fixing right away.

4. Group Analytics

Group Analytics is an add-on that helps you measure your business data at the account or organization level. It helps you understand friction points in your sales funnel, what features are popular, and where the website usage drops off. It will help you prevent churn by upselling your most loyal users or create retention strategies for all of your customers.

5. Data integrations

We all know what it’s like when the data in our applications comes in disparate, disconnected chunks. Mixpanel allows you to integrate your business data into one central location.

6. Data management

Mixpanel lets you easily manage your data, so you can understand what drives conversions and boosts revenue. You can use it to clean your data and remove the noise, add any missing data related to events or users, or sync existing data from other tools.

7. Security and privacy

Mixpanel uses cutting-edge encryption technology to ensure that your customer data is protected from end to end, so it never falls into the wrong hands.

8. Scalable infrastructure

Mixpanel is a great tool for analyzing high-volume data with zero pre-computation. You can import data from both your data warehouse or digital properties, and Mixpanel will scale to support your needs.

Hotjar vs Mixpanel: which one do you need?

Hotjar vs Mixpanel

Hotjar and Mixpanel are often compared because they’re both web analytics platforms. What makes one platform better than the other and which you choose depends on what you’re looking for in your analytics software.

Hotjar vs Mixpanel: what is the difference

With Hotjar heatmaps and session recordings, you can see how visitors use your website. Also, it allows you to collect user feedback with form and customer satisfaction surveys. It is best suited for Web/UX Designers, Digital Marketers, Product Managers, UX Researchers, and Data Analysts.

Mixpanel is focused on the actions users take on a page, such as clicking a link or typing text into a form field, meaning it is an event-centric platform. It uses custom events and engagement metrics to build detailed profiles of user interactions. It is best suited for mobile or web developers who want to get accurate data about their users’ behavior.

Hotjar vs Mixpanel: which is easier to set up

Hotjar has a faster setup than Mixpanel and does not require you to add tracking code to specific sections of your site. Mixpanel requires more technical knowledge, as you need to set up action logging and integration with other tools on your own.

Hotjar vs Mixpanel: platforms

If you want to analyze and optimize your website, then Hotjar is your best option because it’s built specifically for web analysis. However, if you also have a mobile app, Mixpanel is the right choice because you can track metrics across all devices.

Hotjar vs Mixpanel: integrations

Mixpanel integrates with more than 50 platforms such as Google Analytics, Zoho, Meya, FullStory, and more — which not only makes Mixpanel more powerful overall, but it also saves you time when it comes to building reports and dashboards.

Hotjar vs Mixpanel: data

Mixpanel is a unique product that collects data through API or SDK, so you can export data from your Mixpanel account and make it work with other services. Make sure you have a developer on standby for adding Mixpanel’s tracking code.

Hotjar vs Mixpanel: pricing

Compared to Hotjar, Mixpanels free plan provides you with more options and allows you to track nearly ten times more monthly visits. Also, its Growth package is cheaper than the Hotjars Plus package. It starts at $25/month. For information about the enterprise package, you’ll need to contact the sales representative.

Did you know? Clicktale is now Contentsquare


Clicktale is a cloud-based digital experience platform that allows businesses to gather and understand how their customers interact with their digital products — from recording actual site visits and browsing patterns to gaining insight into customer behaviors. Recently, Clicktale joined forces with Contentsquare intending to become a global leader in digital experience analytics.

Get the big picture with Clicktale

Traditional web analytics tools have a lot of graphs, charts, and numbers that nobody understands. Clicktale gives you everything you need to know about your website or app with a user-friendly interface.

1. Customer journey analysis

With customer journey mapping, segmentation, and reverse journey features, you can monitor your visitors as they use your website. Clicktale records every action taken by visitors and then generates a report that shows you exactly how they engage with your website.

2. Zone-based heatmaps

Heat maps help you determine where your users get confused or disengaged and where your conversion rates are the highest. They give you a comprehensive view of how every element on your site affects performance and help you ensure that each element supports users in achieving your goals.

3. Session replay

Session replay lets you see exactly what a single customer experience looks like on your website. This insight can help you confirm a specific idea, spot a potential bug, or provide a “bird’s-eye view” of how an individual customer uses your product.

4. AI insights

Clicktale helps businesses uncover their most significant problems by turning raw data into actionable insights automatically. With every new interaction, Clicktale learns more about your user interaction patterns, giving you information about the source of your customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

5. Mobile app analysis

Using Clicktale’s mobile analytics solution is an easy way to achieve full insight into your customers’ experiences. It helps you improve your mobile development process and align your product with your customer needs and desires.

6. Merchandising analysis

Clicktale helps you improve your website providing you product insights and data on your competitors. It gives you a complete view of the customer journey and ensures that your online sales perform as well as it can.

7. Struggle analysis

With Clicktale’s Struggle Analysis, you can identify the issues that affect your revenue, bounce rates, and conversion rate. This valuable tool can help you uncover challenges that impact customer experience and deal with them immediately.

8. Impact quantification

Tools like Clicktale let you identify trends and track statistics on a macro and a micro-level. For example, you can see which browsers people use to view your product pages and whether they’re completing a transaction.

Hotjar vs Clicktale: two rivals have joined forces

Hotjar vs Clicktale

At the beginning of September, Clicktale, or now Contentsquare acquired Hotjar for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition comes as a part of Clicktale’s mission to expand its product offering and provide a complete solution for businesses worldwide. Both companies will work together to ensure the best possible results for their joint market strategies, but for now, they will continue to operate independently as two separate entities.

Hotjar vs Clicktale: basic differences

Product teams and UX teams use Hotjar to build better products. The Data Analytics team uses Hotjar to improve acquisition, engagement, and conversion. Hotjar is useful for small and medium-sized companies that might not have the budget for extensive usability testing.

Clicktale has a complete set of enterprise-level features that allow you to unlock customer data in a way that can be easily interpreted by your entire team. It is best suited for Digital Marketing teams, Analytics teams, eCommerce teams, Design and UX teams, Operations and IT teams, and Product teams.

Hotjar vs Clicktale: platforms

Hotjar is designed for web-based apps, so it won’t work with mobile apps. On the other hand, Clicktale is a comprehensive analytics solution for both web and mobile apps that will give you in-depth insights into your customers’ journeys.

Hotjar vs Clicktale: data

Clicktale has an advantage because it uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide you information about your customer behavior. It has a set of unique features which provide incredibly detailed data about how users navigate pages and interact with them.

Hotjar vs Clicktale: integrations

While Hotjar has many features, it doesn’t have as many integrations as Clicktale, which integrates with third-party services like Heap, Google Analytics, LiveChat, and Mailchimp.

Hotjar vs Clicktale: supported languages

Clicktale and Hotjar don’t only differ in their features — they also differ when it comes to multilingual support. Hotjar supports multiple languages for its user-facing features such as surveys and user feedback, while Clicktale only supports English.

Hotjar vs Clicktale: pricing

There is no information on Clicktale pricing that is available on its official site, so anyone who wants to learn more will have to contact sales representatives. It is known that it has subscription-based pricing. On the other hand, Hotjar is not free. It does offer a free software version with some limitations, but for a fully-featured experience, you’ll need to upgrade.

We know what you need to grow. It’s FullSession.


FullSession is a digital experience platform that helps you understand your customers, react to their needs, and optimize your website’s performance. FullSession doesn’t have every feature that Hotjar, Mixpanel, or Clicktale have, but it’s got the ones that users actually care about.

Let’s talk about current functionalities and how FullSession can help you reach your goals.

Session recordings

Session recordings let you see how customers interact with your website — where they tap, click, or hover. Watch users’ actions as they browse through your pages — all to promote a better digital customer experience and improve user flow and website design.

1.Session replays

Unlike traditional user recordings, session replays allow you to see each interaction users have with pages they visit. That’s important because in these interactions you’ll discover common problems users have with your website. It will lead to improvements in design and user experience.

2. Advanced user filtering

Segment your users for an in-depth view of their digital engagement with your product. Get granular insight into behavioral patterns and run more tests on these groups to boost your engagement, conversions, and other online metrics.

3. Digital engagement monitoring

FullSession can give you an instant overview of your users’ behavior. With this data at hand, you will be able to instantly spot problems, issues, and bugs that your users are struggling with.

4. Advanced user analytics

FullSession will help you see the solution to a UX issue. It can give you a better understanding of where and how users get stuck on your website. Understanding a problem doesn’t just help you improve your site — it helps your customers too.

Why use FullSession

Positive user experience is the key to your business’s growth. You will get data that can direct your company to reach its full potential and grow exponentially.

FullSession is built for cross-functional teams that are more productive when they can communicate and work easily. It is tailored to the unique needs of Web Designers, Marketers, UX/UI researchers, and Product Managers at hyper-growth technology companies.

How to start

FullSession is completely free for you to start. There are no time limitations, no credit card required, and no risk of chargebacks. See how easy it is to engage customers, improve your website, and take your business to the next level. Sign up today for free, play around and see how it works for you.

You asked and we answer

1. How good is Mixpanel?

TrustRadius reviewers gave Mixpanel a score of 8.2 out of 10, praising its ability to make analytics easy and accessible even for non-technical users. With over 40 reviews, Mixpanel is rated as one of the best in its category.

2. Is Mixpanel safe?

MixPanel is GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliant and the only analytics platform that has a European data residency program, ensuring your data stays in the EU. Mixpanel keeps all data safe by using TLS to encrypt sensitive data sent to its servers. The data is protected both in transit and at rest, and access to your information is limited to authorized employees with strong authentication.

3. Do I need Mixpanel

If you work in the product development team, Mixpanel will be a true asset to your success. It will help you better understand how users interact with your Internet-connected applications, so you can optimize your product and increase user engagement.

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