You know the importance of monitoring visitors’ activities on your website. If you own an online business, you don’t want anyone to leave your site without buying anything or signing up for an account.

You need to monitor customers’ actions and understand where to make adjustments to increase conversion rate. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Although many UX analytics tools claim to help you track user activities sometimes, they don’t provide you with enough features or data to make informed decisions about your product optimization.

In today’s article, we will compare two popular UX analytics solutions on the market: Lucky Orange vs Hotjar. Although they offer the same features, like session recording and replay tools, website heatmap tools, and on-site surveys, there are some differences you should know. If you haven’t heard of these tools before, don’t worry; we will cover all details by the end of this article.

We will also explain how you can use FullSession, our user behavior analytics tool, as an alternative to these two UX solutions.

FullSession helps you record user sessions and visualize website visitor behavior via session recordings and replays, interactive heatmaps, website feedback forms, and advanced analytics. This way, you can track the customer journey, identify funnel drop-offs and user struggles and use the insights to fix web bugs and boost conversions.

Feel free to sign up for a 14-day free trial to test all features.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this article. We’ll start by defining Lucky Orange, Hotjar, and FullSession.


Optimize Your UX With Session Recordings

Track clicks, taps, mouse movements and hovers to visualize user frustration and help you improve UX, with FullSession.

What is Lucky Orange?

lucky orange

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Lucky Orange is a website conversion optimization tool that helps online businesses gain insight into user behavior and uncover issues blocking conversions.

The web analytical features of Lucky Orange include session recordings, dynamic heatmaps, surveys, form analytics, and conversion funnels. You can discover website bugs with Lucky Orange and address visitors’ concerns.

What is Hotjar?


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Hotjar is a customer behavior analytics tool that lets you go beyond traditional analytics data like pageviews, bounce rate, or traffic by showing how and why website visitors interact with your website and mobile apps.

With Hotjar, you can better understand user behavior and improve the overall user experience via behavior analytics features like heatmaps, session recordings, forms, and surveys.

When you use Hotjar, you can uncover user objections and web elements blocking conversions and optimize your site accordingly.

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar: How they compare and contrast

It’s without a doubt that Lucky Orange and Hotjar provide a user behavior analytics service that helps you to collect and analyze user behavioral data.

In this section, we will compare and contrast both solutions’ similarities and fundamental differences.

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar: Basic differences

The significant differences between Lucky Orange and Hotjar include the following:

  1. Lucky Orange can collect data on dynamic website elements and display real-time analytics data. At the same time, Hotjar doesn’t show real-time data. Instead, it focuses on a reconstruction of the overall user events.
  2. The way both tools collect and retain user data is different. For instance, Hotjar collects all analytics data from anonymous users and retains data for up to 365 days, which means you’ll have access to user data to keep track of user struggles and overall user sessions throughout the year. Lucky Orange collects data from individual users and provides 30-day data retention. This method is ideal for site owners who want to identify pending user issues and provide immediate support.
  3. Lucky Orange offers real-time data analysis and live support to individual users. At the same time, Hotjar helps you gain insights into the overall user behavior to improve customer satisfaction.

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar: User rating

Regarding user rating, Capterra shows that Hotjar scores 4.7 out of 5 based on 443 user reviews, while Lucky Orange scores 4.7 out of 5 based on 118 user reviews.

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar: Use cases

Hotjar and Lucky Orange provide web analytics solutions to industries like e-commerce, research analysis, digital marketing, and product development.

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar: Deployment

You can start using Lucky Orange and Hotjar similarly. All you need to do is install their Javascript codes on your website. The code snippet gathers analytics data like user clicks, scroll patterns, page views, and text inputs.

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar: Features

In this section, we’ll explore the various features both web optimization solutions have in common and move on to those that differentiate them.

  1. Session recordings
  2. Heatmaps
  3. Form analytics and surveys
  4. Conversion Funnels

Hotjar and Lucky Orange provide the session recording feature, but there are some significant differences.

With Lucky Orange, you can watch live user sessions, which means seeing what website visitors do in real-time. You can also track users anonymously but can identify them by their IP addresses by default.

A significant benefit that Lucky Orange provides with its session recording feature is using Live Chat to initiate conversations with users as they navigate your site in real time.

On the other hand, Hotjar enables you to watch user recordings but not in real-time. Hotjar also keeps users anonymous by hiding their names and IP addresses.

While session recordings help you see how different users interact with your web elements, heatmaps let you visualize the web elements that users give the most and least attention to.

Heatmaps enable you to visualize user behavioral data via colors. Red shows you the website pages with the highest engagement, and blue highlights the web pages with the lowest engagement.

Lucky Orange and Hotjar provide heatmaps. With Hotjar, you can use its heatmap to visualize user clicks, scrolls, and mouse movements. Hotjar lets you combine different versions of your web pages into a single heatmap to visualize user behavior easily.

Lucky Orange provides color-based heatmap snapshots, but it collects data on dynamic elements in this case. It is where Hotjar falls short; thus, its users cannot always track every piece of information they need.

Both Lucky Orange and Hotjar provide form analysis and surveys. You can use both platforms to set up on-site surveys to learn what website users think and feel about your website’s performance. Form analysis helps you analyze your website forms’ performance and determine which fields have issues and negatively affect the user experience.

Lucky Orange provides conversion funnel visualization for tracking customer journey and identifying conversion touchpoints that matter the most. This feature lets you see where website visitors and users drop off the sales funnel and fix conversion roadblocks.

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar: Languages

Both Lucky Orange and Hotjar provide services in the English language.

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar: Integrations

Lucky Orange provides integrations with popular third-party software, like Google Analytics, WordPress, Google Optimize, Shopify, HubSpot, and more.

Hotjar enables you to connect with other apps like ClickFunnels, Google Tag Manager, WordPress, Omniconvert, and more.

What’s more, both tools offer similar integration options. For instance, they use Zapier to provide integrations with additional tools like SalesForce, MailChimp, Slack, Airtable, etc.

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar: Support

Lucky Orange and Hotjar support services are quite different regarding customer support teams.

You can contact the Hotjar support team by submitting tickets via its online portal. Hotjar also provides a knowledge base for additional support.

Lucky Orange, on the other hand, provides support via chat, email tickets, and a knowledge base.

Now, let’s discuss the pricing plans for each software.

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar: Pricing

These products have different pricing structures. Hotjar offers a free version of its software and charges a monthly and yearly fee for its premium packages. Lucky Orange doesn’t offer a free version, but it provides a free trial for its premium packages.

Lucky Orange pricing

The pricing plans for Lucky Orange are divided into six tiers, each offering a seven-day free trial. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each plan:

  1. Free—costs $0/month and enables you to track 500 pageviews/month
  2. Build—costs $18/month and allows you to track 10,000 pageviews/month
  3. Grow—costs $35/month and allows you to track 40,000 pageviews/month
  4. Expand—costs $70/month and lets you track 100,000 pageviews/month
  5. Scale—costs $150/month and enables you to track 300,000 pageviews/month
  6. Enterprise—provides a customized plan, so you need to contact the sales team to book a call

Hotjar pricing

As for Hotjar, it provides two paid plans—Observe and Ask. The Observe plan helps you track customer events using web analytics features like heatmaps and session recording. It includes

  • Basic plan—it’s free and gives you access to 1050 sessions/month
  • Plus plan— costs $48/month and enables you to track 3,000 sessions/month
  • Business plan—starts from $80/month and gives you access to 500 daily sessions
  • Scale—it’s a custom plan and allows you to make daily session recordings

The Ask plan helps you to collect feedback from customers regarding their overall digital experience via a feedback tool, and it includes

  • Basic plan—it’s free and provides access to 20 monthly responses
  • Plus plan—costs $48/month and allows you to receive 250 monthly responses
  • Business plan—starts from $64/month and helps you to collect up to 500 monthly responses
  • Scale—it’s a custom plan and enables you to receive unlimited monthly responses

So far, we’ve explained how Hotjar and Lucky Orange compare and contrast based on different parameters. If you want to know how Hotjar compares to Crazy Egg, you can check out our Hotjar Vs Crazy Egg comparison article.

Now, let’s explain our web analytics software—FullSession, which also helps you track website visitor behavior and monitor your website performance.

What is FullSession?


FullSession, our customer behavioral analytics solution, helps digital marketers, product teams, and e-commerce businesses track and analyze how customers interact with various web elements like call-to-action buttons, form fields, drop-down menus, and more.

With this data, you can better understand user behavior, identify issues affecting your site’s core functionality and make necessary adjustments.

What features does FullSession provide?

FullSession offers web analytics features that provide comprehensive insights into your site’s overall performance, including areas where visitors experience issues and drop off the marketing or sales funnel. Let’s go further into how each feature works.

  1. Session recordings and replays
  2. Interactive heatmaps
  3. Advanced analytics
  4. Customer feedback widget
  5. Advanced segmentation and filtering options
  6. Notes for improved collaboration
  7. Conversions
fullsession session recording tool

With session recording and replay, you can watch how users navigate and behave across various web pages and better understand visitor click patterns, scroll patterns, mouse hovering, and form fills.

fullsession session recording

Our session recording and replay feature allows you to filter analytics data using some criteria like

  • User location and IP address
  • Clicked URL
  • Referrals
  • Average time on page
  • Total active time on page
  • Session list
  • Session event

Customer session recordings are a great way to capture both behavioral data and device and browser information. You can determine how many visitors access a particular page, which areas of the site are most popular, which pages users leave before purchasing, and more.

fullsession interactive heatmap

Interactive heatmaps help you visualize the web elements that gain the highest and lowest engagement. With this feature, you can identify where web page users spend most of their time, where users click via click maps, and how far they scroll with scroll maps.

For instance, if you own an e-commerce site, you can see the products your customers give the most and least attention to. It can help you know what to focus on or eliminate to increase sales.

fullsession interactive heatmap data

What’s more, our interactive heatmap provides behavioral data such as

  • Average time on page
  • Error clicks
  • Rage clicks
  • Dead clicks
  • The total number of views and clicks
  • The total number of visitors that visited a particular page
  • Average load time on page

With this data, you can easily filter user events and optimize your website for increased conversions.

Click map example

fullsession click map

Mouse movement map example

fullsession mouse movement map

Scroll map example

fullsession scroll map
fullsession analytics dashboard

FullSession offers a powerful analytics dashboard that provides insights to help you visualize the overall user events using categories like

  • Segment health
  • User trends
  • Feedback trends
  • Top users
  • Key pages
  • Device breakdown
  • Browser breakdown
  • Screen resolution breakdown
  • Error clicks
  • Rage clicks

This feature lets you quickly identify conversion blockers and improve your site’s functionality.

fullsession customer feedback report

The customer feedback widget helps you to understand the “why” behind user actions. With this feature, you can collect real-time feedback about how users feel and their thoughts on their experience with your site.

Our customer feedback report includes different categories that can help you better understand the feedback you collect. For instance, you can see the basic user information, the input they left, their device type, the feedback date, and the URL they visited.

What’s best, each customer feedback is connected to a specific session recording you can watch and understand why the customer left negative feedback.

fullsession session details
fullsession advanced filters

Segments help you save precious time while conducting your user behavior analysis. Many different filters are at your disposal, such as user identification, events, technology, performance, sources, engagement, and location. You can find user sessions that raise an eyebrow with just a few clicks and share your findings with your team members.

Notes help you to jot down key user actions and share them with your team for better collaboration. You can use this to evaluate customer issues and make adjustments where needed.

Conversions enable you to track conversion rates using analytics data like the average number of users and time to convert. With this data, you can identify if your product is successful or not.

What makes FullSession stand out

At first glance, FullSession may share some similarities with Lucky Orange and Hotjar. However, many traits make FullSession stand out from these solutions. Here are the significant ones:

  • Hotjar can significantly slow your site’s performance while conducting website analysis. At the same time, FullSession can help you to make the proper UX analysis without affecting your site’s performance.
  • FullSession provides a central analytics platform that helps cross-functional teams to collaborate and share analytics data efficiently.
  • With FullSession, you can track how customers interact with your web elements and collect customer feedback to improve your site’s performance and boost conversions.
  • FullSession enables you to visualize dynamic web elements and identify the web pages with the highest and least engagement.

Now that we’ve covered some unique characteristics of FullSession let’s discuss why FullSession is an excellent solution to track visitor behavior and user events.

Four reasons to use FullSession

Here are four primary reasons to use FullSession to conduct web analysis.

  • Our user behavioral analytics software is easy to set up and use. You don’t need advanced technical skills to perform CX analysis.
  • With FullSession, you’ll get access to advanced filters that you can use to create specific user segments and identify user events that raise an eyebrow.
  • FullSession provides a powerful insights feature that gives you a bird’s eye view of user behavioral data, including funnel drop-offs that block conversions.
  • With FullSession, you can quickly identify areas where users experience setbacks as they navigate your site.

So far, we’ve explained the significant similarities and differences between Lucky Orange and Hotjar and compared FullSession with these tools. Let’s briefly summarize each solution’s essential features, similarities, and differences.

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar vs FullSession: A summary

In this section, we’ve provided a table that summarizes the main points we’ve covered so far so that you can quickly understand how Lucky Orange, Hotjar and FullSession compare and contrast.

Features/similarities and differences

Lucky Orange



Real-time session recording





Funnel analysis



Customer segmentation




Customer journey mapping




Conversion tracking





Interactive heatmaps


Surveys and customer feedback






Free version


Free trial




Analysis of dynamic elements



Customer Support





Lucky Orange vs Hotjar: Final words

Lucky Orange and Hotjar are useful for tracking and analyzing user behavioral data. However, both tools have strengths and weaknesses. While Lucky Orange is ideal for providing real-time support for individual users, it retains data for only 30 days, which means that you can’t keep track of user interactions and overall user sessions throughout the year.

Hotjar is a good analytics software for incoming feedback collection that helps you understand what users think and feel about your website’s performance. Ultimately, it would be best to choose a tool based on the scope of data you want to analyze and the one that meets your web analytics needs.

If you want to learn more about similar tools, we’ve also explained the functionality of other web analytics tools. You can read our in-depth article on Hotjar alternatives or our in-depth reviews like Hotjar vs Mouseflow and Hotjar review.

FullSession, our website analytics solution, is a valuable tool that provides detailed reports on various user actions through real-time session recordings and replays, interactive heatmaps, and a customer feedback widget.

Our software is well-priced and offers advanced filters that will help you create unique user segments and perform accurate CX analysis without affecting your site’s performance.

Try FullSession for free

Don’t hesitate to gain first-hand experience with our behavioral analytics and website conversion tool. You can take advantage of a 14-day free trial to track user behavior, identify Javascript errors, funnel drop-offs and improve your website performance.

You may also request a demo today if you need more information.

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar: FAQ

The following answers will provide more details on Lucky Orange and Hotjar.

Is Lucky Orange worth it?

Lucky Orange is worth it if you’re looking for a live chat or real-time support tool. However, the tool’s UX is not intuitive, which can be challenging for its target audience, mainly because Lucky Orange targets a broad non-tech audience.

Is Lucky Orange good?

Lucky Orange is a valuable tool for big/small businesses and individual users looking for web analytics features at a reasonable price.

Is Lucky Orange safe?

Yes, Lucky Orange is safe. The tool doesn’t allow the transmission of sensitive data such as general financial information, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and similar.

Does Lucky Orange slow down your site?

Lucky Orange shouldn’t slow down your website as it first fully loads your website and then downloads the required resources to start running. However, some users have recorded a prolonged load time using Lucky Orange.

How does Lucky Orange work?

Lucky Orange collects behavioral analytics data in real time, which means seeing your web visitors and users anytime. It also allows you to segment visitor recordings and heatmaps by device type, operating system, and other categories. Lucky Orange lets you initiate a real-time conversation with users to get feedback or additional information.

Will Hotjar slow down my site?

Yes, Hotjar will significantly slow down your site’s loading speed after you install its Javascript code into your site’s source code.

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