We Tried Hotjar vs Lucky Orange: Here’s Our Feedback

We Tried Hotjar vs Lucky Orange: Here’s Our Feedback

In 2021, running a successful website without web analytics software is almost impossible. Heatmaps play an essential role in sourcing reliable information that can help optimize website performance, which is why more and more users are signing up for a version of the software that agrees with their requirements.

Assuming you are focused on driving your company forward, and that you work daily to help increase your conversion rate optimization (CRO), we’ll suggest going through our software comparison review to get inspired and decide on the right tool for you.

Today, FullSession experts are comparing Hotjar and Lucky Orange as the two leading web analytics software on the market right now. Feel free to check out some of our other expert reviews such as HotJar alternatives, HotJar vs FullStory, HotJar vs Crazy Egg and others.

Who are we?

FullSession is a startup web analytics software, actively building its product to fit modern customers’ needs. Some of the features our behavioral analytics software currently lacks compared to the competition (like heat maps or customer surveys) will be released next year.

At the time of writing, FullSession featured session recording and session replay, allowing you to see and analyze your customers’ digital engagement with your website as well as their overall user experience.

We’ve analyzed quite a few tools so far to make FullSession the best choice when it comes to web analytics tools. You are more than welcome to sign up for our product free trial and build a seamless digital customer experience in a few clicks!

Why did we review Hotjar vs Lucky Orange?

Hotjar and Lucky Orange are basically used with the same purpose – to help analyze online user behavior on every page of your website. However, there are things you can do with Hotjar but not with Lucky Orange, and vice versa. For most, it gets confusing choosing between these two or any other type of software as their features look the same to an untrained eye. Hence, the review.

This article lays out the differences and similarities between Hotjar and Lucky Orange to help you determine the type of software you need.

What are Hotjar and Lucky Orange used for?

Hotjar and Lucky Orange primary function is to help you understand how and why your website visitors behave the way they do while browsing through your website. With proper data sourced from these tools, you can improve your customers’ journey, the way users engage in the future, and your websites’ overall functionality.

In addition, these tools narrow your focus to individual user issues and help you make changes to your website when traditional analytics—like traffic and drop-off rates—aren’t precise enough about what to change.

Both tools discover problems on specific pages, track website bugs and address live visitors’ concerns via real-time chat support.

How is FullSession different from Hotjar?

Although a semi-new solution on the market, FullSession has proven itself to be reliable software that helps clients eliminate guesswork and understand user behavior by utilizing advanced analytics tools.

  • FullSession will thoroughly scan and study visitor behavior and friction points through broader analytics tools.
  • FullSession insights comprehensively scan visitors’ behavior and analyze friction points that may lead to conversion funnels dropouts and affect conversion rates.
  • FullSession has more filtering options to understand the digital visitor experience better and identify eyebrow-raising sessions.
  • FullSession helps identify major events inside a session to save time and recognize what matters.
  • FullSession provides behavior and activity tracking to optimize conversion rates better.
  • Unlike Hotjar, which will significantly slow down your website, making gathered data and analysis not worth the length the website takes to load, FullSession will allow you to make the proper CX analysis without affecting performance.

Hotjar vs Google Lucky Orange overview and comparison

Here’s a short yet comprehensive comparison of the two software solutions:


  • Pricing: $39/Per-Month
  • Pricing model: Per feature
  • G2 rating: 4.4/5
  • Free trial: Yes. (15 days)
  • Supported platforms: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based, Android (mobile), iPhone (mobile)
  • Best for: Online businesses of all sizes. It is mainly used by digital marketers, product managers, web/UX designers, UX researchers, and data analysts.

Hotjar is an all-in-one software with heat maps, session recordings, incoming feedback collection, and surveys.

The tool provides color-based heatmap snapshots, clearly emphasizing the website elements that are clicked, scrolled, and hovered the most often. When used with traditional web analytics tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar shows you what your website visitors are doing and why.

If this is not enough, Hotjar encourages you to communicate with your customers via surveys and polls and directly ask them what they think about the website.

As a tool whose primary purpose is to deliver comprehensive insights into user behavior on your website, Hotjar is a valuable tool for businesses operating online who need to understand user eCommerce customer journey to improve it. A forever-free plan is a significant benefit of this tool.

Lucky Orange

  • Pricing: $10/Per-Month
  • Pricing model: Flat rate
  • G2 rating: 4.3 /5
  • Free trial: Yes. (7 days)
  • Supported platforms: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Best for: Businesses of all sizes looking to increase sales, increase usability, and capture leads. Lucky Orange offers plans that scale with businesses as they grow.

Lucky Orange is a website conversion tool, with heatmaps as a part of its core functionality. The tool provides session recordings and polls for more comprehensive website analysis. It leans toward support teams and site owners looking to focus on individual issues and apply immediate fixes.

Likewise, the tool features a powerful analytics dashboard allowing users to view traffic sources and compare statistics. The dashboard further allows the assessment of other factors that drive the most traffic, like keywords, locations, languages, and similar. Lucky Orange gives usability support directly to individual users via live chat in real-time.

Hotjar vs Lucky Orange feature overview

When assessing the two solutions, we have found both tools equally competent for what they advertise for. Nevertheless, both products stand out for something unique.

Hotjar features

  1. Click, scroll, and mouse cursor heatmaps showcasing how users interact with website pages in snapshots
  2. Session recordings presenting website visitors’ navigation path in a video-like format
  3. Customizable forms and polls that collect feedback or generate leads
  4. Data collection on mobile devices; helps you track visitor behavior both on desktop and mobile website versions
  5. Integrates with multiple tools like Slack, Hubspot, Segment, Zapier, Google Optimize, Optimizely, and Omniconvert
  6. Scalable pricing plans: The number of pageviews determines pricing changes
  7. Funnel visualization
  8. Simple interface and quality usability

Lucky Orange features

  1. Heatmaps determine users’ interaction with a website
  2. Heatmap user data segmentation by date, location, browser, mobile users, and other parameters
  3. Real-time live chats with visitors allowing instant problem solutions while customers are still browsing your web pages
  4. Session recordings that capture website visitors’ every move, including dynamic and member-only pages
  5. Comprehensive dashboard showing the number of people currently on the website, what pages are visited the most often, where the users come from,  etc.
  6. Conversion funnel visualization helping you identify when visitors drop off, why and find out how to prevent this

Hotjar vs Google Lucky Orange key differences

Two initial differences between Lucky Orange and Hotjar are that Hotjar is primarily a user behavior analytics service, whereas Lucky Orange mainly focuses on conversion funnel optimization.


  • Hotjar is designed to give user behavior insights and show online companies how to create an effortless customer journey to improve their overall experience.
  • Although it also provides behavior insights, Lucky Orange is more focused on real-time intervention and individual users’ live support.
  • Hotjar’s ‘free forever’ plan lets you use its features for free for as long as you need. Business plans start at 10k daily pageviews and scale up based on your goals.
  • Lucky Orange does have a free 7-day trial, but it doesn’t feature a free plan. It also has limited data allowances; Lucky Orange starts at 20k pageviews per month with its small business plan. The tool’s plans scale up as well, depending on your business’s needs.
  • Hotjar offers a year of data retention and employs sampling methods to collect less data at a cheaper cost, allowing customers to be confident about UX insights and make the appropriate changes.
  • Lucky Orange is a real-time usability tool that collects all user data and offers 30-day data retention. It is more helpful for quickly identifying bugs and finding out where support is needed most.
  • Hotjar doesn’t offer live chat or real-time support. Lucky Orange features live chat and real-time support and, in fact, prides on it as one of its main features.

Here’s a table overview of key Hotjar vs Lucky Orange feature differences:

 Key features /Similarities and Differences Hotjar Lucky Orange
Free trial ✔ /15-day free trial/ ✔ /7-day free trial/
Free plan Forever
Scroll depth
Click data segmentation by type of traffic
Mouse movement
Real-time data
Analysis of dynamic elements
Goal tracking
Data segmentation by date
Multi-device support
List report
A/B testing
Session recordings
Submission stats
Polls and surveys
Survey editor
IPs blocking
Cross-device surveys
Recording filtering
Replay visitor sessions
Heatmaps and recordings sharing
Conversion funnels
Conversion segmentation by date
Conversion segmentation by type of traffic
Conversion analysis unique page views
Customer Support

FullSession expert opinion on Hotjar

A gold standard of web analytics, Hotjar offers detailed heatmaps with an intuitive, easy-to-use design. Its design agrees with most professions – whether marketers and SEO specialists on the hunt for the best ways to locate the content or UX/UI designers evaluating a web resource’s usability and ways to improve the visitor experience.

However, as Hotjar doesn’t collect data on dynamic elements, we find that users may occasionally face a slight difficulty using Hotjar, as they won’t always be able to track what they need.

We liked that Hotjar offers a range of other web analytics features besides heatmaps that initially put it on the map. For example, if you need surveys and polls to collect feedback right from website visitors, you’ll find them among Hotjar features.

Session recordings are another great feature with Hotjar as they allow you to watch realistic movies Hotjar generates based on collected data. Session recordings are there to show you the navigation journey of website users.

Our verdict

Hotjar is a quality tool with a lot of helpful features that’s worth trying out. It is a great ally to have if you are a marketer on a mission to increase conversions and invest in your website to get things going.

However, Hotjar is a bit pricey for an average user. It is more costly than its alternatives, so maybe start with a free Hotjar version before paying for a package or try a Hotjar alternative. You can always switch to a more advanced plan if Hotjar turns out to be the tool for you.

FullSession expert opinion on Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is recognizable as a tool for website conversion optimization. Its features fall into two broad categories – web analytics and live chats – creating a winning combination that helps users a) understand what happens on a website in real-time b) instantly initiate direct chats with users and take steps to fix problems.

Lucky Orange includes session recordings, dynamic heatmaps, conversion funnel visualization, and many detailed reports. While heatmaps show what users click, recordings help understand why they behave in the way they do. Visualizations and statistics help view cumulative data.

A big downside of Lucky Orange is its usability and design; the tool’s not intuitive, which can be very confusing for its audience, primarily because Lucky Orange targets a broad non-tech audience. Also, at the time of writing this review, the website load time was not working to this tool’s advantage.

Our verdict

Lucky Orange is a very well-priced software option that offers pretty much everything a user may need – from mouse tracking, heatmapping, live chat and funnel to form analytics. Regular email reports are beneficial, too. Lucky Orange works very well for users looking to get rich tool functionality at a reasonable price.

As Lucky Orange is known for working on its product regularly, we hope they will improve their load time in the future.

Final thoughts

We hope this article has answered at least some of your questions. In essence, if you are looking for a reliable click, scroll, and move heatmaps, try Hotjar. But, if you are targeting conversion funnel optimization and looking for a more affordable option, Lucky Orange may be what you are looking for. The choice is yours!

For those of you who would like to give FullSession a chance and support us while we’re still young and developing, sign up for a free version, see how we work, and then see if you’d like to stay with us. See you!


1. Is Lucky Orange good?

Lucky Orange is a great tool for big/small businesses and individual users looking for a rich set of features at a reasonable price. Some of the tools that trust Lucky Orange’s quality are HubSpot, Shopify, Quantcast, Optimizely, and Smartlook.

2. How does Lucky Orange work?

Lucky Orange captures real-time information from your website, i.e., precisely what the visitor saw in the same display and orientation. It allows you to segment Visitor Recordings and Heatmaps by device type, operating system, and other categories. You have the option to playback a recording to learn how the visitor navigated the site and understand their behavior. Lucky Orange gives you the option to chat with users in real-time to get feedback or other information.

3. Does Lucky Orange slow down your site?

Lucky Orange shouldn’t slow down your website as it first fully loads your website and then downloads the required resources to start running. However, some users have recorded a prolonged load time using Lucky Orange.

4. Is Lucky Orange safe?

Yes, Lucky Orange is safe. The tool doesn’t allow the transmission of sensitive data such as general financial information, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and similar.


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