No matter how much experience you have in conversion optimization, you can never guarantee success. Users have different tastes and needs; therefore, what people like today might not be what they like tomorrow. That’s why you need to keep experimenting with CRO strategies to meet the ever-changing needs of your target audience.

Conversion rate optimization tools can provide better insights into improving your conversion rates. However, it is essential not to decide in haste. While some tools have exciting features, that doesn’t mean that all marketed solutions are good enough to fit your specific needs.

We created this comprehensive CRO tools guide to help shed some light on which options are available and which ones offer the best value to price ratio. 

Our team has worked hard to create FullSession, a web analytics tool you can use to gather quantitative and qualitative data by monitoring user behavior. This information is crucial to increase the conversion rate and create a better user experience for your visitors. 

FullSession is one of the best CRO tools on the market for driving conversion because it focuses on user experience. You can create comprehensive heatmaps, session recordings and user feedback forms in a matter of minutes.

We continuously implemented user feedback during testing to perfect our tool and provide a simple yet feature-packed interface to support your behavior analysis needs. Try FullSession now or read more about it below in the article. Let’s get right into it.

What are CRO tools?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools help you improve your conversion rates. These tools collect data about how people use your site and identify changes that could potentially increase the number of conversions. User research is an unavoidable part of every conversion optimization strategy, so these tools have become an absolute necessity for every successful business.

How does CRO work?

CRO tools work by establishing conversion metrics and identifying areas and elements that need improvement. For example, if you run an e-commerce store, your conversion metrics would most likely be the number of purchases and website visitors. If you sell products, you measure the number of gathered leads or how many people signed up for a free trial. If you work in the media, you’ll analyze and optimize page views, ads, the number of newsletter subscriptions, and engagement. If you work in the travel and hospitality industry, you measure booking conversions, ancillary purchases, social shares, etc.

How can you use CRO to improve websites?

CRO is a complex activity that entails using various different tools and other methods to increase conversions. CRO tools offer additional insights, like user activity, conversion paths, and customer journey, to understand what works best and what doesn’t. You can then use that information to optimize your website’s content and usability to create a more pleasant experience for users and inspire them to become paying customers.

How to choose the right CRO tools?

Choosing the right conversion rate optimization tools can get confusing with so many solutions on the market. Since the CRO field is exhaustive, you’ll need different software categories to achieve the best results. For those reasons, we’ve divided our best CRO tools list into the following categories:

  1. Qualitative data analysis tools and software
  2. SEO tools and software
  3. A/B and user testing tools
  4. Website and landing pages tools

Best CRO tools: qualitative data analysis tools and software

These are our top picks for conversion rate optimization software that will help you gather critical qualitative data to improve your website.

1. FullSession

FullSession CRO tool

FullSession is the most convenient web analytics tool out there. It collects data, analyzes visitor behavior and measures user interactions with your website, web app or landing page. It helps you make better business decisions regarding website development, UI/UX and marketing activities to boost sales, improve customer retention rate, and increase profit.

In terms of qualitative data, our tool comes with a helpful customer feedback feature to design and place feedback forms and track your customer satisfaction. We also offer session recordings that keep track of every single interaction the customer makes so you can optimize your marketing or sales funnel more easily. Our team is coming out with an interactive heat map feature soon to let you track user engagement on landing pages and other parts of the website.

FullSession stands out for its ease of use. The visual editor lets you create beautiful feedback forms through an easy-to-follow workflow. The setup takes less than 5 minutes. You can view all data in real-time and replay all previously recorded feedback and activity sessions. Each feedback is linked to a specific session recording, allowing you to read what users said and watch exactly what they did during the visit.

FullSession currently integrates with Shopify, Big Commerce, Wix, and WordPress.

Sign up for free to try our effective tool and see how it can help you improve customer satisfaction.


  • Interactive heatmaps
  • Session recordings
  • Customer feedback
  • Engagement score
  • Insights

Price: Business ($99 per month – 15000 sessions); Basic ($39 per month – 3000 sessions).

2. Mixpanel

Mixpanel CRO

Image source:

Mixpanel is another conversion optimization tool that lets you analyze user behavior through a convenient dashboard. It comes with many features, which allow you to test different aspects of visitor behavior.

The interactive report feature lets you inspect your data with a couple of clicks and shows visual reports that help you build funnels and filter results through different categories. The group analytics option allows you to extract different metrics like product adoption, active usage, and patterns.

It’s a good option for businesses that want to convert, engage, and retain customers. It integrates with Adjust, Airship, Amazon Web Services, ChurnZero, Google Cloud, Google Ads, and HubSpot.


  • Interactive reports
  • Team dashboards and alerts
  • Segmentation
  • Group analytics
  • Data integrations
  • Data management
  • Security and privacy

Price: Starting at $25/month

3. Heap Analytics

Heap CRO

Image Source:

Heap Analytics platform is a CRO tool that lets you capture user data in real-time and access it retroactively. It has a convenient page performance dashboard to check user behavior such as form submissions, field changes, and clicks.

One great thing about this tool is that it captures all data automatically, so you don’t have to worry about starting sessions. You can customize session recordings options and filter data according to your needs. Overall, it’s a good tool if you’re not looking for anything super advanced.

Some integrations it offers are Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Optimizely, Zapier, Zendesk, Stripe, and Shopify, among others.


  • Sessions – digital analytics
  • Engagement
  • Entry and exit pages
  • Standard event tracking
  • Custom event tracking
  • Retention
  • Conversions
  • Funnels
  • Real-time reporting
  • Retroactive reporting
  • Segmentation
  • Custom reports and dashboards

Price: Free (up to 10k sessions per month); Growth ($3,600 annually); Pro ($ N/A); Premier ($ N/A).

4. Mouseflow

Mouseflow CRO

Image source:

Mouseflow helps you optimize your website experience with their session replay tools. They offer replays that you can filter by user frustration, compatibility issues, and errors to give a complete view of what happened during each visit on the site. You can use this information to make improvements so that future visitors don’t encounter the same issues.

In addition, they provide heatmaps that show where people clicked or looked while browsing. Heatmaps also indicate an accidental click, meaning the users weren’t interested in any product listed on the page. That is vital information to know when designing apps or websites to improve customer satisfaction. Mouseflow has a clean data analytics dashboard accessible to users with different skill levels.

It integrates with WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Wix, Magento, Shopify, KissMetrics, Google Analytics, and Hubspot, among others.


  • Session recordings and replay
  • Heatmaps
  • Click and activity tracking
  • Form analytics
  • Custom interactive surveys
  • User segmentation

Price: Free; Starter (24€ per month); Growth (79€ per month); Business (150€ per month); Pro (299€ per month).

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics CRO

Image source:

Google Analytics is probably the most famous and widely-used analytics tool globally. With this free tool, you can get tons of data to help understand how people interact with your site. You might be wondering whether they’re clicking or if the time spent on a single page is enough for them to convert.

Thanks to this comprehensive analytics suite (which includes metrics such as bounce rate and average session duration), all those questions are answered! From there, it’s just a matter of finding out where campaigns may fall short by getting insight into important metrics such as the ones we mentioned above. It will give you better knowledge about what works in terms of improving conversion rates.

It integrates with CRMs CallRail, DoubleClick DCM, Shopify, Zendesk, Facebook, Marketo, WordPress, VWO, and Hootsuite.


  • Custom reports
  • Audience reports
  • Flow visualization
  • Conversion and goal tracking
  • Channel grouping
  • Real-time reporting
  • Custom dimensions
  • Site search
  • Content grouping

Price: Free; Plan 360 (starting at $12,500 per month).

6. Hotjar

hotjar CRO

Image source:

Hotjar is another CRO tool that comes with a comprehensive set of features. The software shows how people interact with your website, including where they clicked or moved their mouse around.

Hotjar’s features help you determine if your website, web app or landing pages need improvement. You can also access information about website visitors through feedback from surveys. While it’s not as advanced as some competitors, it’s still a valuable tool for CRO experts.

Some key integrations include Slack, Segment, HubSpot, Google Optimize, Optimizely, Omniconvert, WordPress, ClickFunnel, Shopify, Trello, Zendesk, and Zapier.


  • Heatmaps
  • Incoming feedback
  • User sessions recording
  • Surveys
  • Survey templates
  • Various integrations

Price: Free (35 daily sessions); Plus ($31 per month); Business ($79 per month); Scale ($311 per month).

Best CRO Tools: SEO tools and software

SEO is another big part of conversion rate optimization. Search engine optimization focuses on attracting more customers through Google and other search engines. You then use CRO tools to convert the traffic you receive through SEO.

7. Google Pagespeed Insights

Google Pagespeed Insights

Image source:

You can use Google Pagespeed Insights to analyze and optimize landing pages and any other part of your website. It’s probably the most convenient tool you can use to measure the Core Web Vitals metrics such as:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): measures how fast your loading performance is. LCP should happen no longer than 2.5 seconds from when the page starts loading.
  • First Input Delay (FID): measures how interactive your website is. Ideally, pages should have an FID of 100 milliseconds or less.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): measures the visual stability of your website. Ideally, pages should maintain a CLS of 0.1. or less.

This tool is entirely free, and it’s a must-have if you want to stay on top of all Google algorithm updates. It integrates with other Google products.


  • Real-user experience data
  • Assessing the quality of experiences
  • Distribution and selected metric values
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Performance diagnostics
  • Performance score
  • Audits

Price: Free.

8. Ahrefs

ahrefs CRO

Image source:

Ahrefs is your one-stop tool for all search engine optimization activities. It’s one of the favorite tools within the SEO community because it offers a spotless dashboard and updates data in real-time.

With this tool, you’ll be able to find important keywords and content ideas to improve your ranking on Google and other search engines. Just connect your websites to Ahrefs, and it will automatically analyze key metrics which you can use to optimize campaigns and content.

Search engine visibility is essential for generating more conversions, which is why tools like Ahrefs are a must-have.

You can integrate Ahrefs with a wide variety of tools and services, such as Klipfolio, Databox, Agency Analytics, Whatagraph, Reportz, Dibz, and Clearlogin.


  • Site explorer
  • Content gap
  • Keywords explorer
  • Rank tracker
  • Content explorer
  • Domain comparison
  • Batch analysis tool
  • Link intersect
  • SEO toolbar

Price: Lite ($99 per month); Standard ($179 per month); Advanced ($399 per month); Agency ($999 per month).

9. SurferSEO


Image source:

SurferSEO is an SEO tool that focuses on content optimization. You can analyze different blog pages and receive immediate feedback on improving the content. You can also create AI-powered content briefs, which your writers can use to insert relevant keywords and content ideas. All you need to do is enter the main keyword, and the tool will do the rest of the work for you.

Once it generates the content editor, you can go in to tweak settings to optimize it further, or you can immediately send it to your writers so that they can optimize the existing content.

This cloud-based on-page optimization tool thoroughly analyzes your competitors in the SERP, compares it to your page, and devises feedback that shows what your page is lacking.

You can integrate SurferSEO with Jarvis, an AI-based content creation tool.


  • Content planner
  • AI briefs
  • Content editor
  • Auditing
  • Browser extension
  • AI outline generator

Price: Basic ($49 per month); Pro ($99 per month); Business ($199 per month).

10. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog CRO

Image source:

Screaming Frog is a helpful tool if you want an easy way of conducting your search engine optimization audit on any website. With its support, on-page optimization becomes easier for people with little technical knowledge because it directly points out what needs fixing.

It can diagnose issues like broken links and images, wrong meta tags, duplicate content, 404 errors, and incorrect redirects, among others.

With the help of Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool, you can quickly audit your website’s structure and find any discrepancies to optimize it.

You can also integrate it with Google PageSpeed Insights and other Google Suite tools.


  • Find broken links, errors & Redirects
  • Analyze page titles & Metadata
  • Review meta robots & Directives
  • Audit attributes
  • Discover exact duplicate pages
  • Generate XML sitemaps
  • Site visualizations
  • Crawl limit
  • Scheduling
  • Crawl configuration

Price: Free; Paid Version (£149 per year).

11. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Image source:

Google Search Console is the ultimate tool for monitoring your website’s performance and stability. You can use it to ensure any changes you make happen smoothly, like adding new content or adjusting SEO settings – all while keeping an eye on search engine rankings.

It also has tools to monitor server errors, security issues like hacking or malware attacks, and any other problem affecting your website’s performance when it comes down to search engine results pages (SERP).

Google Search Console is not to be confused with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is user-oriented and focuses on insights to improve user experience. Google Search Console is SEO-focused, meaning that you’re supposed to use it to increase your visibility on search engines.

You can easily integrate Google Search Console with tools and services like Semrush, Databox, ContentKing, SiteGuru, and Reports, among others.


  • Diagnose server errors and unindexable pages
  • Keyword research
  • Page insights
  • User interaction assessment
  • Site coverage
  • Mobile-first indexing
  • Penalty reviews
  • Sitemap submission

Price: Free.

12. YoastSEO


Image source:

YoastSEO is another handy CRO tool you can add to your arsenal. The most convenient part about it is the WordPress extension that analyzes content in real-time and provides actionable insights into what requires immediate improvement.

The analysis section contains helpful comments like how many times a keyword has appeared in this article, whether you should increase or decrease the word count, and tips for optimizing headings and meta descriptions.

It integrates with WordPress, Wincher, Semrush, Zapier, Elementor, Ryte, and Algolia.


  • Paragraph structure
  • Keyword density
  • Flesch-Kincaid reading ease scoring system
  • Meta descriptions
  • Link support
  • Prior keyword usage
  • Permalink cleanups

Price: €99 per year.

Best CRO Tools: A/B and user testing tools

A/B testing is the most important part of any CRO effort. You can gather user feedback and usability information as much as you’d like. However, if you don’t test any of the theories you come up with during the research process, you won’t know what works and what doesn’t. These are our top CRO tools you can use for A/B testing.

13. UsabilityHub


Image source:

UsabilityHub is a remote user research platform that helps you make smart decisions about your site by validating with real users. With the UsabilityHub platform, you can efficiently perform remote user research and feedback collection on your site.

It saves time not having to guess what is working or which areas on your website you need to improve! It’s great for designing surveys where users comment directly on their experience while browsing your website. Lastly, Preference Testing helps optimize visual assets like imagery, branding, and marketing copies.

Usability Hub integrates with Unbounce.


  • Multi-user plans
  • Unlimited seats
  • Unlimited tests
  • Custom variables
  • Cap response numbers
  • Post-test redirects
  • Granular permissions
  • Custom test branding
  • Conditional logic
  • Collect demographics

Price: Free; Basic ($79 per month); Pro ($199 per month); Enterprise (custom pricing).

14. Userpeek

Userpeek CRO

Image source:

With Userpeek, you can run A/B testing in the blink of an eye and with minimal effort. The tool will give clear insights into where your website needs improvement or what direction it should take next. 

Unfortunately, Userpeek doesn’t offer any integrations at the moment.


  • Real user video feedback
  • Targeted tester audience
  • Tagging and annotations
  • Speech to text transcription
  • Full-screen recording
  • Audio commentary
  • Natural environments
  • Highlight reels
  • Design linking

Price: Pro ($39 per test); Flex ($59 per test); Team (custom pricing).

15. TestLodge


Image source:

TestLodge is a great CRO A/B testing tool that lets you perform an impressive number of tests to diagnose and fix any potential issues users have when browsing web pages on your website.

This online tool makes test case management a breeze and lets you generate action-driven reports. This platform allows you the flexibility of creating separate plans for each team member or client so that they can get involved with their own testing needs. You can manage all data through a simple dashboard.

In terms of integrations, TestLodge offers Basecamp, Teamwork, Shortcut, ActiveCollab, YouTrack, and Axosoft.


  • Agile testing
  • Black box testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Functional/Manual testing
  • Traditional testing
  • Search
  • Report

Price: Personal ($29 per month); Basic ($59 per month); Plus ($119 per month); Premium ($239 per month).

16. TestRail


Image source: 

Think about how much time and hassle you spend running through testing processes in your company. TestRail lets you manage tests from start to finish, including integration tools for quick setup without complicated procedures.

TestRail is a tool for any team that needs access to quality assurance data. It applies to both development teams responsible for creating and executing software on behalf of their organization’s goals, as well as QA staff to ensure that results meet set expectations before release – whether those happen during testing or after launch!

TestRail integrates with Jira, GitHub, Microsoft Visual Studio, Bitbucket, PivotalTracker, Qualio, Assembla, YouTest, Leapwork, and Jama Connect.


  • Reporting
  • Test diversity
  • Test repository
  • Various integrations

Price: TestRail Professional Cloud ($36 per month); TestRail Professional Server ($370 per year).

17. VWO Testing

VWO testing

Image source:

VWO Testing offers unique experimentation possibilities. With its simple design dashboard, you can efficiently conduct A/B tests and multivariate analyses to help optimize your site for conversions.

For example, you can use it to change the position of various CTAs on your landing pages or experiment with different page elements. Another perk of this CRO tool is a simple yet effective design dashboard.

VWO integrates with WordPress, Google Analytics, Shopify, Adobe Commerce, Joomla, Drupal, BigCommerce, GetResponse, Mixpanel, Heap, and Kissmetrics.


  • A/B testing
  • Split URL testing
  • Mobile website testing
  • Visual editor
  • Code editor
  • Report customization
  • Preview Mode
  • Traffic allocation
  • Email and chat support

Price: Growth Plan ($199 for 10,000); Pro (custom pricing); Enterprise Plan (custom pricing).

18. Google Optimize

Google Optimize

Image source:

If you want to get technical, Google Optimize is an A/B testing tool designed for online marketers. It helps you boost conversion rates and visitor satisfaction by allowing different combinations of content on various pages. You can choose other performance measurement objectives to improve the effectiveness of your strategy.

You can measure your experiments while leveraging different analytics goals. For example, you can specify which audience members will participate in split tests. Instead of picking users randomly, this method ensures that the data you receive is more accurate.

Google Optimize integrates with Google Analytics.


  • Easy editing
  • Helpful diagnostics
  • Responsive visual editor
  • Sophisticated code editing
  • A/ B or a/ B/ N testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Split URL testing
  • Server-side experiments
  • Additional simultaneous experiments
  • Personalization

Price: Free.

19. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg

Image source:

Crazy Egg is a good tool for conversion optimization. It lets you track how website visitors interact with your site and identify any problems causing frustration, like unclear calls-to-action or information overload on different web pages.

You can also use different filters to drill down into specific customer segments, which helps you not miss out on valuable prospects coming from these areas of interest. 

It integrates with Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, and Google Tag Manager.


  • Heatmaps
  • Confetti maps
  • Scroll maps
  • Overlays
  • Session recording
  • A/B testing
  • Various integrations

Price: Basic ($24 per month); Standard ($49 per month); Plus ($99 per month); Pro ($249 per month); Enterprise (custom pricing).

20. FullStory


Image source: 

FullStory is an analytics tool that provides vital site data and offers insights into your customers and their interaction on the web. You can track their behavior in real-time to identify any potential issues.

This information is gathered together via one dashboard that gives clear visibility across every aspect related to digital experience design. From keyword research to campaign conversion rates and even form analytics, you can access everything with a couple of clicks.

FullStory integrates with Slack, Trello, WordPress, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Google Analytics, JIRA, Shopify, Squarespace, Zendesk, and ActiveCampaign.


  • Defined events
  • Funnels
  • Metrics
  • Session recordings
  • Performance
  • Error and bug tracking

Price: Business ($ N/A); Enterprise ($ N/A).

21. Glassbox


Image source:

Glassbox modern, intuitive interface makes A/B testing easy for any website. The Smart Editor contains simple drag-and-drop editing tools that allow you to quickly compare your website pages side-by-side to find out what works best on different devices.

It also offers AI-driven features that help teams prioritize customer experience enhancements while understanding user struggles and innovating accordingly.

Glassbox offers integrations with Google Analytics, Salesforce Service and Sales Cloud, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Slack, JIRA, and Firebase.


  • Interaction maps
  • Business flows
  • Page journeys
  • Out-of-the-box reports
  • Advanced filtering
  • Funnel reports
  • User timeline
  • Customizable dashboards
  • AI-powered anomaly detection
  • Segment and cohort analytics

Price: Custom pricing for all packages.

22. Optimizely


Image source:

Optimizely is ready to help you take your business into an era where customers expect nothing but the highest quality and personalized service. They offer different A/B testing tools that give marketers access to all their customer data in one place to optimize content strategy more efficiently than ever before or experiment with new marketing tactics on demand. Its cutting-edge AI technology enables custom recommendations based on each user’s profile.

Some services you can integrate Optimizely with are WordPress, Google Analytics, Rippling, Hotjar, Livestorm, Marketo Engage, Pendo, and Bubble, among others.


  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Authoring & layout
  • Headless API
  • Approval workflows
  • Visitor targeting
  • Project collaboration
  • Inventory & order management
  • A/B testing & experimentation
  • Advanced visitor personalization
  • Content & product recommendations

Price: Content Cloud ($ N/A); Commerce Cloud ($ N/A); Intelligence Cloud ($ N/A).

Best CRO Tools: website and landing pages

Your website, and consequently, landing pages are the most important to consider when improving conversions. It’s what your customers see and interact with, which is why you should use the correct tools to gather actionable insights. These are our top picks.

23. Unbounce


Image source:

Unbounce lets you create optimized landing pages that will drive conversions quickly. It has a drag-and-drop page builder that doesn’t require coding. With it, you can create landing pages that are easily customized with hundreds of custom templates.

The tool also offers built-in AI called Conversion Intelligence which helps test various elements such as text size and color palette while split testing results against each other. It gives marketers and business owners more significant insights into what works best when converting visitors into buyers.

Unbounce integrates with Slack, Google Sheets, WordPress, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Shopify, Hubspot, Rippling, Zoho, Zapier, and ActiveCampaign, among others,


  • Smart builder
  • Smart copy
  • Smart traffic
  • Conversion intelligence
  • Templates

Price: Launch ($90 per month); Optimize ($135 per month); Accelerate ($225 per month).

24. LeadPages


Image source:

LeadPages is most suitable for smaller businesses that want to optimize their landing pages and drive conversions for an affordable price. Leadpages is an easy-to-use landing page tool that allows you to build websites, pop-ups, and alert bars in just minutes. You can also check out your performance with real-time analytics because the conversion rate of each test will be recorded for later viewing.

In terms of integrations, you can expect Paypal, WordPress, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Wix, Shopify, Hubspot, Stripe, Zapier, and Squarespace, among others.


  • Intuitive drag and drop editor
  • HTML, CSS and custom code editor
  • Rich content library
  • SEO features
  • Quick web analytics options
  • Various integrations

Price: Standard ($37 per month); Pro ($74 per month).

25. Lander


Image source:

Lander’s tools are more limited than LeadPages, but they offer a free plan for beginners to experiment with. If you need more features or want to analyze more users on your site, upgrading will be necessary. However, it has everything you need and more for small businesses and blogs. It can help you take care of lead generation and conversion optimization.

Lander integrates with ActiveCampaign, Zapier, and Wufoo.


  • Dynamic text replacement
  • A/B testing
  • Facebook landing pages
  • Templates
  • Landing page editor

Price: Basic ($16 per month); Professional ($83 per month).

26. BrowserStack


Image source: youtube

BrowserStack is a dedicated tool for developers to diagnose and fix issues to improve general usability and create a better experience for your website visitors. This tool makes it easy to ensure your web pages render you intended. It comes with a handy option to test on 2000+ real devices and browsers.

BrowserStack integrates with Slack, Trello, WordPress, JIRA< Github, Microsoft Visual Studio, Zapier, bitbucket, Jenkins, and Espresso.


  • Geolocation testing
  • Push notifications
  • Pre-loaded images
  • Network simulation
  • Test dependent apps
  • Google Pay

Price: Desktop ($29 per month); Desktop & Mobile ($39 per month); Team ($125 per month); Enterprise Team (custom pricing).

27. Five Second Tests

Five Second Tests

Image source:

The Five-Second Test is a website that gives you valuable insight into your customers’ primary actions and first impressions of the brand. Businesses looking to better understand their target audience by shedding light on what they do in five seconds or less use it as an effective CRO tool. The reports display raw data with numbers, as well as cloud formats. In addition, visitors can opt to participate in tests for compensation, which increases the quality of feedback.

This tool integrates with ProtoPie, Adobe XD, Figma, InVision, Sketch, and Marvel.


  • Prototype tests
  • Design surveys
  • First click tests
  • Preference tests

Price: N/A

28. Popup Smart

Popup Smart

Image source:

PopUpSmart is probably the most comprehensive pop-up tool out there. It offers +46 conversion optimized designs that will help you drive more conversions. You can create all sorts of website pop-ups, such as form collections, cart abandonment reminders, gamification, announcement, floating, etc.

Using this program will help you build better lead generation forms for your business. The tool has an intuitive interface and allows users to customize their pop-ups with plenty of features, such as creating an unlimited number of shapes so visitors can’t miss seeing what’s inside!

You can easily integrate this software with apps like SendInBlue, Zapier, Sendloop, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Google Analytics.


  • Pop-ups
  • Analytics
  • Smart Mode with AI
  • Simple pop-up builder
  • Form collection pop-ups
  • Cookie consent pop-ups

Price: Free; Basic ($24 per month); Pro ($66 per month); Expert ($108 per month)

29. Picreel

Picreel is one of the most sophisticated popup builder tools out there that offers plenty of advanced features to help with conversion rate optimization and lead generation. The tool offers 100+ built-in templates to create highly targeted popups and forms to improve website engagement and overall conversions.

With Picreel, you even get the ability to A/B test your popup campaigns and customize triggering options to ensure you capture relevant leads no matter what business you’re in. 

You can also integrate it with 700+ online tools like CRM, CMS, and email marketing tools to supercharge your workflow.


  • A/B testing
  • Lead capture forms
  • Advanced targeting
  • Reporting and analytics
  • 700+ integrations

Price: Annual Plan ($39.97 per month- unlimited campaigns, pageviews)

Best CRO Tools on the Market: The verdict

Investing in the correct conversion rate optimization tools should be a no-brainer for companies who want to scale their business, attract more customers, improve the effectiveness rate of their campaigns, and increase conversion rates.

FullSession is the best user behavior analysis tool on the market. It lets you create beautiful feedback forms in a matter of minutes, which you can post on your website to learn more about user experience. Our session replay tool will help you understand what went wrong if you notice a high bounce rate. FullSession also lets you create and set up interactive heatmaps in under 5 minutes, which you can use to analyze problem areas on your website. 

Key benefits of incorporating FullSession into your CRO strategy are: 

  • Intuitive feedback editor
  • Interactive behavior analysis tools
  • Advanced analytics and filtering
  • Different design and customization options
  • Cutting time on diagnosing and fixing issues
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Driving conversions

Sign up for free to discover why dozens of businesses choose FullSession as their primary UX testing tool.

Best CRO Tools on the Market: FAQ

Why are CRO tools not just for testing?

There are many different categories of CRO tools. Conversion rate optimization is a complex activity that consists of many different sub-tasks for which you have to use various types of software. While some software does belong in the testing category, others are used for SEO optimization and analysis.

What does a CRO specialist do?

A CRO specialist uses different types of software to gather actionable data they can use to drive more conversions and increase revenue. They use information from web analytics tools, feedback forms, surveys, and polls to discover different ways users can convert into paying customers.

Who is the CRO tool for?

CRO tools are for marketers, content managers, and business owners to analyze their websites and increase conversions.

What are CRO and SEO?

CRO stands for conversion rate optimization, and it focuses on learning and developing best practices on your website that will drive more conversions and turn more visitors into paying customers.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Unlike CRO, SEO solely focuses on your website’s visibility on different search engines, notably Google. SEO is a part of CRO because search rankings are an important factor impacting your company’s conversions.

What is a CRO product?

A CRO product aids marketers and businesses owners in diagnosing conversion issues and helping them improve the conversion rate. There are different categories of CRO tools that you can use to improve your conversion rate, such as SEO tools, design tools, A/B testing tools, user experience tools, etc.

What does CRO have to do with A/B tests?

A/B testing is a great way to learn more about what type of content your customers prefer, which directly impacts the conversion rate. You can deploy different tests, ads, or website versions and see which ones the users interact with the most. The whole purpose of CRO is to learn the most effective ways of driving conversions, and testing is an unavoidable part because it shows you what works and what doesn’t.

How does CRO impact the user experience?

CRO has a significant impact on user experience because the sole purpose of CRO activities is to create a more appealing environment for the users to convert quickly. By providing visitors with a superb user experience while interacting on your website, they are more likely to convert or become return customers.

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