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UserZoom vs UserTesting: Which Website Testing Tool is Right for You

We live in a digital age where the Internet has become an excellent resource for companies that know how to use it. Nowadays, if you’re not present on the Internet, you’re missing a perfect opportunity to reach your target audience. 

However, you cannot just create a website and expect it to convert visitors into customers. You need to make it user-friendly and include relevant content that resonates with your customers’ needs. Even statistics show that 88% of online consumers are less likely to revisit a website if their first experience wasn’t acceptable. 

Web analytics tools can help you better understand the user behavior when browsing your website and provide actionable insights you can use to improve your product’s performance. There are many UX research platforms on the market, but choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging as each comes with a different set of features.  

FullSession, our web analytics software, is one of the best solutions you can use to optimize your website performance. It includes session recordings and replays, interactive heatmaps, and customer feedback forms to help you pinpoint customer issues, solve them, and create a product that provides an exceptional user experience. If you want to see how it works, you can create your account and start your 14-day free trial.

If you want to check out other options, you’ll probably find UserZoom and UserTesting on the list of possible candidates. How do they compare against each other? Read our UserZoom vs UserTesting analysis to find out! 

What is UserZoom?


Image source: SaaSWorthy

UserZoom – the platform previously known as Validately – is a well-known brand in the user testing market. You can use the solution to test applications, websites, prototypes, and wireframes. You can carry out interviews, conduct surveys, and usability tests. You can also do card sorting, tree testing, and click testing, among other things.

The platform is available in two versions that complement each other: UserZoom and UserZoom Go. The first one offers access to a complete feature set required for complex quantitative testing. The second one is more limited in scope and focuses on qualitative studies. 

What is UserTesting?


Image source: Software Advice

UserTesting is a platform that allows you to test website or app functionality. It focuses on video recordings and human insights to help you understand users’ authentic experiences when interacting with your product. The researchers can observe user reactions to your website or app in real-time. They can study facial expressions, emotions, body language, and tone of voice.

UserTesting allows a good deal of customization – you can create specific questions and tasks and define test groups. You can carry out the tests with members of the UserTesting Contributor Network or invite your test participants. 

With UserTesting, you can gather, analyze and draw conclusions from data – it provides transcripts, metrics, and visualizations.

What is FullSession?


FullSession is a web analytics platform you can use to measure, monitor, and analyze the effectiveness of your website, web app, or landing page. Thanks to its features, you can better understand how the users interact with your product and make business decisions based on collected data.

  1. You can track engagement data and compare different channels, devices, and periods. FullSession allows you to evaluate which parts of your product – such as page elements or content – provide intended results or may require some additional work.
  2. Our session recording and session replay tools allow you to watch how users behave on your website or web app in real-time – you can see their clicks, taps, scrolls, and mouse movements. It’s a great way to evaluate the users’ journey and identify problems that reduce your conversion rate. 
  3. You can also gather insights concerning conversion rates and identify friction points in your sales or marketing funnel
  4. FullSession also allows you to get customer feedback by asking users what they think or feel about your product.
  5. Our solution provides advanced filtering options so you can easily find sessions that illustrate problems and save your time in the process. FullSession will also help you identify specific events during a session that you need to focus on.

You can achieve all of the above without significantly slowing down your website or app, as FullSession allows you to gather and analyze data without affecting website performance.

UserZoom vs UserTesting: How they compare and contrast

We’ve introduced you to the tools outlined in this article. Now let’s see how they compare with each other. We’ll consider available features, user rating on popular review platforms, deployment, integrations, languages, pricing, and customer support. We’ll also take a look at typical use cases.

UserZoom vs UserTesting: Basic differences

The main difference between these tools is they serve different purposes or at the very least have a different focus. UserZoom helps you conduct full-scale user research and detect issues with the user experience. UserTesting, on the other hand, concentrates on website functionality. 

UserZoom focuses on quantitative testing – evaluating the website usability and customer experience. It’s a complex platform that offers different research methodologies and test types. The downside is that some businesses probably won’t need such a comprehensive tool, and learning to use it might take some time. 

It’s worth noting that UserZoom includes the UserZoom GO. It’s a solution designed for qualitative testing – an individual product, but one that complements the central platform and exists under one brand um