How to Prevent Funnel Drop With User Behavior Tools

Funnel drop or funnel abandonment means users drop out of your conversion funnel at different points and fail to complete your desired action. To understand what prevents them from becoming paying customers, you can use user behavior tools like our FullSession.   We provide you with session recordings and replays to observe how users navigate […]

Mixpanel Vs Google Analytics: Which is Best for Your Product Optimization?

Let’s say you created an excellent product with a user-friendly interface. You’ve tested it with your regular users and got great feedback.   The app is fantastic, and people love it! But what exactly are their habits? Where do they get stuck? What kind of content do they love the most? How can you optimize […]

Top 8 Session Recording and Replay Tools [Our 2022 Review]

top session recording tools

Session recording and replay tools are essential for user experience analysis. They help you understand how to optimize your website, web app, or landing page. Finding the right tools with relevant features can be pretty challenging, given that so many tools for recording user sessions and replays are available on the market. Session recording and […]

We Tried LogRocket vs FullStory: Here’s Our Feedback


As an online business owner, you need to know how your users interact with your web app, landing page, website, or online shop. Can users complete their tasks efficiently? Is there friction in your sales or marketing funnel? Do certain features get more attention than others? You should get answers to these questions to improve […]

Website Visitor Tracking: How to Do It + 10 Tools [Free & Paid]

Website Visitor Tracking

Website visitor tracking is an essential piece in the puzzle of optimizing your website and increasing conversions. It allows you to learn more about who visits your site, where they come from, what websites refer traffic to yours, and other important information.   Website visitor tracking also helps you discover if people can find the […]

The Definitive Guide to Session Recording and Replay


The user experience significantly impacts the success of your website, web app, or landing page. If users can’t find what they’re looking for, or if the site feels clunky and slow, they won’t hang around for long. Session recording tools help you monitor and review user activity on multiple pages. You can tweak your site […]

We Tried Hotjar vs Microsoft Clarity: Here’s Our Feedback

We Tried Hotjar vs Microsoft Clarity: Here's Our Feedback

Customer experience analysis is not an easy task. Even with the best intentions, you could end up misinterpreting user behavioral data or fail to address the issues you need to solve. User behavior tools help you ease your web analysis journey, analyze your website functionality and improve the user experience by providing accurate data on […]

We Tried Hotjar vs Lucky Orange: Here’s Our Feedback

We Tried Hotjar vs Lucky Orange: Here’s Our Feedback

You know the importance of monitoring visitors’ activities on your website. If you own an online business, you don’t want anyone to leave your site without buying anything or signing up for an account. You need to monitor customers’ actions and understand where to make adjustments to increase conversion rate. However, it’s not as easy […]

Product Metrics In-Depth Guide: What They Mean and How to Use Them

product metrics

Keeping tabs on your product performance is crucial to any business, but it can be challenging to measure the right metrics. Even if you have a solid internal structure for monitoring your products, figuring out exactly how each one is doing can be tricky. Product metrics are standard measurements that allow you to evaluate the […]

Product Analytics: the Ultimate Guide in 2022

product analytics

Digital innovation has a lasting effect on businesses worldwide. Companies now build online products and sell services differently than a few decades ago. Due to this reason, product analytics has become more crucial than ever.  Businesses must create an effective, customer-centric marketing strategy and continuously optimize their products and services if they want to succeed. […]