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Churn Rate vs. Retention Rate (In-Depth Breakdown)

Churn rate and retention rate are two sides of the same coin. These rates are important for businesses to understand customer behavior.  The churn rate measures how many customers stop using a service over a specific period. On the other hand, the retention rate shows us the percentage of...

April 17, 2024
market segmentation presented with figures
7 Best Market Segmentation Tools For Top-Notch Personalization

Even though you have a very specific Ideal Customer Profile, your target audience will still consist of different types of people. They will have varying interests, attitudes, geographical locations, income levels, and so on. Customers that share similar characteristics belong to the same “segment.” So, what does this mean...

April 16, 2024
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How to Collect In-App Feedback (+ Best Methods and Tools)

Launching a mobile app isn’t easy, and if you’ve already made it this far, congratulations! However, the work isn’t over yet, and probably never will be. Now that you’ve put your app out there, it’s time to see what your audience thinks about it. Measuring app performance is more...

April 12, 2024
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11 Types of Survey Response Bias & How to Resolve Them

A survey is supposed to give you reliable and actionable opinions from your audience. However, response bias can be a huge roadblock to getting the most accurate results you need. What is response bias and its different kinds? What happens when you use inaccurate responses? And how can you...

April 8, 2024
Psychographic Segmentation
A Beginner’s Guide to Psychographic Segmentation

Psychographic segmentation tells you how you can connect with your audience groups and maximize your conversions. What motivates your customers to buy? What type of marketing campaigns are they most likely to respond to? What psychographic traits can make them hate or love your brand? Psychographic segmentation answers all...

April 6, 2024
Concept Testing: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re testing new products, pricing structures, or marketing ideas, you want to run it by the people whose feedback matters the most: your target audience. This is called concept testing. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the definition of concept testing, the benefits of concept testing, concept...

April 2, 2024
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Marketing Analytics: What it Is, Why it Matters, and How to Start

Crafting top-notch marketing campaigns is just half of the work. At the end of the day, you still have to find out if those marketing activities worked as well as they should. Marketing analytics is the key to optimizing your campaigns through data-driven decisions.  In this guide, we’ll do...

March 29, 2024
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How to Test Product Market Fit: The Ultimate Guide

Your product may be set to be the most revolutionary thing to grace your industry, but how do you know whether it will soar upon launch or crash and burn? This is where product market fit comes in, and all startups go through this process. In essence, product market...

March 21, 2024
Open ended questions survey
Questionnaire vs Survey: 4 Key Differences and Why They Matter

Surveys and questionnaires gather information from a specific group to meet a goal. In marketing, both are indispensable tools for gaining insights into customers’ behavior and opinions of a brand. However, surveys are questionnaires, but not all questionnaires are surveys. And no, we shouldn’t use these terms interchangeably. Learn...

March 11, 2024
close-ended questions
50 Close-Ended Questions Examples (+ Free Survey Guide)

Close-ended questions allow you to create surveys that are easy to answer for respondents. In turn, it will be easier for you to collect quantitative data and conduct statistical analysis on any particular aspect you want to study. Unlike open-ended questions, these questions only require a one-word answer or...

March 5, 2024