market segmentation presented with figures
7 Best Market Segmentation Tools For Top-Notch Personalization

Even though you have a very specific Ideal Customer Profile, your target audience will still consist of different types of people. They will have varying interests, attitudes, geographical locations, income levels, and so on. Customers that share similar characteristics belong to the same “segment.” So, what does this mean...

April 16, 2024
5 Psychographics Examples For Your Marketing Campaign

Do you know what motivates your customers to buy? Demographics provide valuable information that helps shape your ideal customer profile and learn more about your target audience. It tells you who your customer is through broad categories like age, location, and race. But while all this data is important,...

February 15, 2024
How to Create a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy That Works

In today’s competitive climate, it’s difficult to create a loyal customer base and stand out from competitors. With the rise of social media, customers have become thought leaders who share their opinions with others publicly. It is the reason why businesses try to appeal to them. Customer-centricity reaches beyond...

April 13, 2022