In this modern-day and age, people’s lives are becoming more interwoven with technology. Thus, companies are constantly searching for ways (like enhancing digital customer experience trends) to meet the contemporary man’s demands and keep abreast of the tightening competition in the digital landscape.

With the onslaught of COVID-19 last year, consumers’ demands for instant services have only grown higher. As people increasingly spend more time online to shop, seek entertainment, and connect with other people, the e-commerce trend will likely continue to boom with time.

Companies need to adjust their sales and meet these increasing demands to stay afloat with the competition. Some ways to do so include monitoring digital customer experience strategies & trends, enhancing customer interaction, and adopting digital customer experience best practices. With FullSession, companies can do just that.

This article will explore five critical digital customer experience trends & best practices in 2021. Moreover, see how FullSession can help enhance digital customer experience trends by offering in-depth analytics on how customers interact with websites.

Cross-Functional Team Collaboration is Key to Efficient Remote Work

In 2020, nearly 20% of the global workforce began working from home. This sudden shift, coupled with budget cuts at many companies, has brought out inefficiencies that were less noticeable in conventional office environments to the spotlight.

As per Adobe, 53% of large organizations reported that outdated work practices have slowed down their processes. This hindered meaningful digital transformation in 2020. Moreover, Adobe pointed to data silos as an example of an ancient practice that impedes progress.

Thus, in 2021, companies should adopt digital customer experience best practices such as automating work processes to substitute outdated, tedious, and expensive workflows. Companies need to rethink how their teams collaborate and share information, resources, and goals. Ironing out past practices’ wrinkles usually involves restructuring teams, aligning goals, and eliminating data silos.

When executed seamlessly, the first among the digital customer experience trends and strategy can also enhance customer interaction. With FullSession, companies can create a more collaborative environment as part of their drive to employ customer experience best practices.

FullSession has a Session Recording feature that allows companies to conduct usability testing to monitor customer interaction with their websites. With the Session Recording feature, FullSession will enable companies to track clicks, taps, and mouse movements to visualize user frustration. They can then use this information to come up with adjustments to improve customer interaction and overall digital experience.

Omnichannel Customer Service can Optimize Remote Work

Omnichannel marketing has already been a growing concept to increase the presence of brands across digital channels and social media platforms. However, from a digital experience aspect, omnichannel customer service helps companies to suddenly shift their remote work and teams’ distribution.

In adopting omnichannel customer service, companies must use a CRM system to organize customer data in one central place. Additionally, companies can incorporate their CRM system into their CMS for a more comprehensive view and more convenient management of their content and customers, also from one central place.

FullSession offers companies an Interactive Heatmap feature that replaces regular website heatmaps to enhance customer interaction and digital engagement.

Predictive Analytics will Help Brands

With more and more customers willing to divulge data if it means more benefits for them, companies can get ahead of the game and improve their customers’ experience. They can start adopting one of the best practices of the customer experience to enhance the customer experience — Predictive Analytics.

FullSession houses several tools for companies to support and strengthen their predictive analytics strategy.

Customers Gravitate Toward Brands that are Socially and Environmentally Conscious

Gone are the days when the competition was all about offering lower prices, free shipping incentives, and other enticing promos. Smart brands now offer something customers are willing to pay for — shared values.

With such pressing issues at hand, such as climate change and social justice, more and more people are looking for ways to align their shopping habits with the values they hold deeply. When asking customers to choose between two nearly identical brands, people chose the brand that shares a specific value as them. Even though if it meant paying at a slightly higher price.

In research conducted by IBM, 77% of consumers look for brands that offer sustainability and are environmentally responsible. Furthermore, 72% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for it.

Also, Edelman found that 81% of consumers consider a brand’s stance “to do what is right” as a deciding factor in their buying decisions. Moreover, 69% of consumers are increasingly concerned about a brand’s impact on society in general.

As consumers become increasingly aware of different causes, companies must become vocal about the values they stand for and support. To get the pulse of the consumers, FullSession offers companies an enhanced Customer Feedback feature. This feature allows brands to quantify customer sentiments across online platforms and connect quantitative and qualitative insights for better decision-making.

Storytelling and Content are Front and Center for Digital Marketers

As the competition for consumer attention grows more aggressive each day, companies constantly find new, better ways to resonate and build loyalty with their audience. Through storytelling and content marketing, digital marketers are increasingly focusing on building emotional connections. This creates relationships with customers instead of employing traditional product advertisements.

Although storytelling and content are not new marketing concepts, they are becoming more prevalent in the advertising space.

Aaron Orendorff explains, “The power of content lies in entering an audience’s heart and mind through a consistent story well told; one with people, not products, at its core.”

Correspondingly, interactive marketing content is also becoming more popular in 2021. Interactive marketing content encompasses any strategy that promotes customer interaction rather than just ads to look at or scroll past. These include:

Video content that appears across a multitude of channels. Quizzes that curate a personalized experience or information for users. And Augmented reality ads such as a 360-degree view of a store or hotel.

In essence, marketing that highlights humans and the human experience is the way to the customers’ hearts in 2021.

In the rise of various digital customer experience trends and strategies, companies can turn to FullSession to provide the data they need for optimizing their customer experience.

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