To withstand the test of times, business owners must constantly improve and enhance their products and services. Whether your business is in its neonatal period or has already established a brand that customers have grown to love, the need to keep abreast of the reigning successful marketing strategies & trends in 2021 to keep your e-commerce business afloat remains the same.

After finally launching an e-commerce website, you feel as though you had a breakthrough in your business. But now comes the challenge of effectively marketing your site to drive sales. In order to know the effectiveness of your successful e-commerce marketing strategies, you need top-notch analytics tools such as FullSession. So, here are three effective marketing strategies in 2021 which you can implement into your e-commerce business:


1. E-Commerce Website Marketing Strategies

In this day and age, most users look at your business’ website to see what your brand has to offer. With that said, your brand’s website becomes the primary place where users can learn more about your brand. So, with effective & successful e-commerce website marketing strategies, you can turn these users looking to learn more about your brand into paying customers.

Usual inbound marketing strategies are funnel-shaped. Potential customers are on the internet, navigating through search engines, perusing article contents, and utilizing apps. The responsibility of luring in potential customers to your website lies on you. With an effective and efficient inbound marketing strategy, the process of attracting and gravitating people towards your website, and thus, your brand, can be relatively easy.

Since there is a chance that your brand’s website might be a user’s first impression of your brand, it is vital to create a good and lasting impression. Specifically, an optimal website offers a branded and yet, personalized customer experience that allows them to feel what your brand offers and stands for. You have to remember that your website significantly impacts your brand’s overall online presence.

The following are  marketing strategies in 2021 which you can consider and employ for your e-commerce business:

Produce Original Content

Putting up a website with high-quality and original content is key to resonating with customers, making them want to connect with you, purchase from you, secure loyalty to you, and even promote your brand for you.

Utilize E-Commerce Social Media Marketing Strategy

As more and more people turn to social media, social media marketing can be a powerful tool to connect and communicate with your industry, customers, and market intimately. Social media can be a great platform to generate engagement and interaction. To boost traffic to your website and broaden your brand’s customer base, you can create brand videos using an online social media video maker and use these videos on various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Ensuring that your company’s tone and personality through social media align with your brand’s core is very important to harbor a strong relationship based on trust with your target market. It is important to make sure that your team and your brand maintain a unified style.

Leverage Successful Content Marketing Strategies For E-Commerce

When entering the online marketing competition, proper content marketing can put your brand ahead of the game by attracting more positive attention, interaction, and long-term conversions. By providing new information relevant to your audience through constantly creating and promoting original content, your brand is on its way to becoming a staple in your industry.

Whatever form of content you wish to release for your audience, whether blog posts, videos, or newsletters, it is important to brainstorm with your team before going through a plan. Create and promote diversity within your team and encourage them to speak up. Additionally, it would be wise to invest in high-quality software, subscriptions, employees. And also conduct training for your team to optimize and maximize your content marketing efforts.

Optimize Your Website Layout

It is important to optimize your website’s layout by checking on the language and order of conversion elements. Also, you must check for the strategic placement of icons and elements after launching your e-commerce website. When you put yourself in your customers’ shoes, you would want an easy, straightforward website with a convenient checkout method. And that makes it easy to buy products or services. Then, you can test whether your layout works well or not through a session recording tool such as FullSession. The FullSession tool tracks how your users interact with your site. Based on the results, you can make continuous improvements for a seamless customer experience.

Furthermore, make sure to evaluate the language displayed on your pages. The language in your conversion elements, and the order and placement of icons and other components. You can seek professional advice for this, or you may opt for various usability testing methods.

2. Utilize User Behavior Analytics Tool

User Behavior Analytics technology allows for detecting unusual or abnormal behavior from hackers, insiders, or even malware or other processes based on the patterns of usage. Although UBA cannot stop hackers nor insiders from infiltrating your system, its ability for early detection can decrease the possible damage.

Furthermore, UBA technology is one way of collecting and integrating quantitative and qualitative data about your site’s visitors to grasp how they interact with your product or pages and can even answer why. You can utilize tools such as the interactive heat maps in FullSession to understand exactly how your users interact with your site.

UBA tools can answer behavioral questions regarding your visitors and customers — something that conventional web analytics cannot do, such as:

  • Where on a page do they get stuck and struggle before dropping off?
  • How do they interact with individual page elements and sections?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What are they ignoring?
  • And What do they want from your website or product?


3. Implement Current Digital Customer Experience Trends For Your E-Commerce Marketing Strategies

As established, giving good customer experiences is of utmost importance as it is the impression you leave your customers with and, eventually, the perceptions they will associate with your brand.

Delivering a good customer experience is like planting several good seeds. And when it’s time to harvest, you get to look forward to reaping a multitude of rewards like the following:

Brand Loyalty

Research suggests that when you provide your customers with good experiences, 86% of people will manifest brand loyalty. Aside from gaining 140% more profit, a ripple effect occurs as loyal customers become unpaid promoters of your brand. Furthermore, it is essential to note that 97% of customers ponder on reviews before purchasing. And consumers read an average of 10 online reviews before they commit to a brand.

Increased Revenue

Besides the increased profitability brought about by brand loyalty, Research suggests that 86% of customers are open to paying more to get a better customer experience.

Brand Differentiator

According to Gartner, already 89% of companies compete based on customer experience alone.

Customer Retention

Another research suggests that 32% of customers will leave a brand they have grown to love after a single bad customer experience.

Increased Customer Value

According to Harvard Business Review, emotionally-attached customers are 25-110% more beneficial regarding profitability.

Customer experiences are not just important; rather, they are critical in the success of any organization. You can rely on FullSession to provide you with the data you need to determine the effectiveness of your customer experience efforts.

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