Ecommerce funnel
How to Build An Ecommerce Conversion Funnel That Works

No matter how good your product is, customers aren’t going to be lining up to buy it without an effective eCommerce conversion funnel. There are different stages of the buyer’s journey you need to strengthen if you want to maximize conversions. These make up the conversion funnel and, in...

February 23, 2024
A Complete Guide to eCommerce Conversion Optimization

Designing an effective eCommerce conversion funnel can be a difficult and tedious process, but it’s not something you can skip if you want to drive sales. First, you need to understand your customer’s journey. Then, devise a strategy to guide them through the funnel, create engaging content to attract...

February 25, 2023
eCommerce trends
Top 8 eCommerce Trends For 2021

Successful online Platforms Now Need To Extend Their Focus To Growing Customer Expectations, MobileShopping Expansion, And More

May 23, 2021
Optimize Your E-Commerce Store with These Five Customer Experience Trends.
Top Five Digital Customer Experience Trends For E-commerce Websites

In this modern-day and age, people’s lives are becoming more interwoven with technology. Thus, companies are constantly searching for ways (like enhancing digital customer experience trends) to meet the contemporary man’s demands and keep abreast of the tightening competition in the digital landscape. With the onslaught of COVID-19 last...

April 19, 2021
Grow Your E-Commerce Business with These Effective Marketing Strategies
Top 3 E-Commerce Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business Growth

To withstand the test of times, business owners must constantly improve and enhance their products and services. Whether your business is in its neonatal period or has already established a brand that customers have grown to love, the need to keep abreast of the reigning successful marketing strategies &...

April 8, 2021