Hotjar alternatives
We Tried 5 Hotjar Alternatives – Here’s Our Feedback

As a website owner, you need accurate information on how website visitors interact with your website, areas where they experience issues, and how this affects your conversion rates. You can use web analytics tools to gather this data and monitor the user behavior on your website. Hotjar is a...

July 17, 2024
Mobile analytics
CRO for Mobile: Definition, Advantages, and Best Practices

Traffic share of mobile traffic for all types of businesses is increasing year by year, which comes as no surprise since we spend more than half our time on mobile instead of desktop. But what does this mean for businesses? Simply put, you’re missing out on a big chunk...

April 9, 2024
Psychographic Segmentation
A Beginner’s Guide to Psychographic Segmentation

Psychographic segmentation tells you how you can connect with your audience groups and maximize your conversions. What motivates your customers to buy? What type of marketing campaigns are they most likely to respond to? What psychographic traits can make them hate or love your brand? Psychographic segmentation answers all...

April 6, 2024
man and woman pointing at a target animated picture
How to Test Product Market Fit: The Ultimate Guide

Your product may be set to be the most revolutionary thing to grace your industry, but how do you know whether it will soar upon launch or crash and burn? This is where product market fit comes in, and all startups go through this process. In essence, product market...

March 21, 2024
woman and man looking at CRO stats animated picture
Macro Conversion vs Micro Conversion: A Comprehensive Guide

Regardless of what your business is offering, the number of people who become successful conversions ultimately affects your bottom line and, in turn, your overall business health. As a business leader or marketing manager, your job is to find out what affects that number and figure out how to...

March 19, 2024
woman next to a conversion funnel animated picture
What Is Conversion Funnel Analysis and How to Optimize It

The ideal customer is someone who moves through the conversion funnel with little friction–they view your website, click on your CTAs, and dive head-first into your desired action. Done! Unfortunately, real-world customers aren’t like that. Sure, some may convert into repeat customers without much pushing, but most will need...

March 6, 2024
A picture of how the funnel technology fullsession has works
Best 11 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools You Need In 2024

So, you’ve driven a sizeable number of visitors to your website. They’re looking at your products, perusing your blog pages, and scrolling through your landing page. You might think that the hardest part is over, but unfortunately, you’re just now getting to it. A large number of visitors is...

February 29, 2024
picture of notebook with pins in the shape of a net
Best 7 Customer Journey Mapping Tools to Skyrocket Conversions

Understanding your customer’s journey is the root of increasing conversions. Customer journey mapping tools give you the ability to visualize their path, pinpointing where users join or drop off. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best customer journey mapping tools that help you plan and understand...

January 10, 2024
product research analytics dashboard
Best 7 Product Research Tools In 2024 (Paid + Free)

Product research is the process of pointing your product development in a direction dictated by what the researched user desires in your product. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 7 product research tools to make your research more efficient and accurate.  Top 7 Product Research...

January 3, 2024
Laptop with analytics dashboard on screen
The Only 9 Website Optimization Tools You Need

So many websites out there are just seconds away from reaching their peak conversion performance, but they need the right tools to get there. Curious about what these game-changing tools could be? This isn’t just another listicle; it’s the perfect tool stack that will actually increase your site’s conversions and...

December 7, 2023