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Categorical Data

Categorical Data: How to Use It For Website Conversions

Anyone who’s taken a statistics class is probably already familiar with qualitative and quantitative data. One includes numerical values and the other describes qualities or traits. One can be counted, and the other cannot, plain and simple. But wait, are we forgetting another type of data? Categorical data takes qualitative data and...

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Ecommerce funnel
9 minutes read.

How to Build An Ecommerce Conversion Funnel That Works

No matter how good your product is, customers aren’t going to be lining up to buy it without an effective eCommerce conversion funnel. There are different stages of the buyer’s journey you need to strengthen if you want to maximize conversions. These make up the conversion funnel and, in eCommerce, it will be the driving ...

Content Design
8 minutes read.

What is Content Design? (+ 5 Step Checklist That We Use)

Graphic designers, content writers, copywriters, programmers, and web designers are all part of the standard roster for creating and running a website. However, a lot of people forget one crucial member of the dream team to tie it all together–the content designer. But what is content design? And how does it play into your business’ success? In ...

Survey animation
12 minutes read.

90 Survey Question Examples + Best Practices Checklist

An effective survey is the best way to collect customer feedback. It will serve as your basis for multiple functions, such as improving your product, supplementing market research, creating new marketing strategies, and much more. But what makes an effective survey? The answer is simple–you have to ask the right questions. Good survey questions gather ...

User giving feedback and experience
8 minutes read.

Measuring Customer Experience (7 Metrics To Track + Examples)

You’ve perfected your branding, optimized your conversion funnel, and polished your website until it’s a shiny reflection of your brand’s mission, vision, and quality. Now what? The next logical step is to determine if your strategies are working, and one way to do that is to measure customer experience. Customer experience is the impression of ...

Building site feedback
8 minutes read.

How to Create a User Engagement Strategy (9 Step Checklist)

An engaged user audience is the best type of audience you can have. They click on your links, interact with your content, sign up for your stuff, and–most importantly–make purchases. Not only do they directly benefit your brand, but their engagement also helps increase brand awareness to other potential customers. However, keeping users engaged is ...

Conversion Funnel animated
10 minutes read.

What Is A Conversion Funnel And Why Is It Important? (Full Guide)

In today’s competitive digital market, every click could lead to either a treasure trove or a dead end. If you want to stand out from the competition, understanding the map to success is crucial. But what exactly is that map? An effective conversion funnel is your secret weapon to crafting a customer journey that not only delights ...

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