Companies that rely on the Internet depend on usability testing for success. Even the most innovative product won’t be popular if it has a confusing, non-intuitive layout that makes it hard to use. Statistics don’t leave any room for doubt in this regard: 79% of users who fail to find what they’re looking for on a website simply turn to a different one. 

To determine whether your users like the website, you must use web analytic tools and conduct usability testing studies. You’ll be able to see how your users behave and what problems they encounter. With this information, you can make the necessary adjustments before making your product available to a broad audience.  

Of course, you’ll have to invest in a user behavior platform to get all the data you need, and LogRocket is one of the popular choices. However, our FullSession is the best alternative to LogRocket, which provides useful features, including recordings, replays, interactive heatmaps, website feedback forms, and advanced analytics. 

With FullSession, you can identify whatever issue might affect your solution and fix it to ensure customer satisfaction. To see how FullSession works, create an account and start your 14-day free trial. or  get a demo to learn more about our software.

However, if you want to see what other LogRocket competitors have to offer, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you what we learned while conducting our research and share our list of top alternatives to LogRocket.

First, let’s briefly explain what LogRocket is and how it works.

What is LogRocket 

logrocket review

Image source: Capterra

LogRocket is a platform that combines session replay, product analytics, and performance monitoring in one solution. It’s a tool for engineering, product, design, and support teams, and you can use it for web and mobile products. Development teams can use LogRocket for conversion rate optimization and improving customer engagement.

How does LogRocket work

LogRocket requires you to install a code snippet or a plugin on your website. It allows you to watch session replays,  monitor front-end performance in real-time, track errors and various UX metrics and analyze the acquired data.

What are LogRocket pros

  • It’s a solid session recording tool
  • It’s GDPR- and CCPA-compliant – privacy is taken into account
  • There’s a hosted solution, but you can also use LogRocket in your cloud environment

What are LogRocket cons

  • The user interface isn’t top-notch – the platform could make improvements
  • Learning the tool can be time-consuming

LogRocket pricing

LogRocket has four pricing plans that include different numbers of sessions and features:

  • Free – up to 1,000 sessions per month, 1-month data retention
  • Team– $99, 10,000 sessions per month, 1-month data retention
  • Professional – 25,000 sessions per month, advanced filters and issues, detailed product analytics
  • Enterprise – customizable plan for large enterprises

There’s also a 14-day free trial for all plans.

The top 5 LogRocket alternatives in 2022

LogRocket is good, but some users don’t like its aesthetics, and others find it hard to learn. If you’re looking for the best alternatives, here are some of the most popular LogRocket competitors you can use to uncover hidden customer behaviors and visitor motivation. 

You can also record user sessions, build conversion funnels, get actionable insights and create successful experiences for your customers. Let’s begin with the best software on our list.

      1. FullSession

FullSession review

FullSession is a digital experience analytics platform that lets you gather visitor behavior data and track performance issues on your website, web app, or landing page. It’s an easy-to-use platform that helps you track visitor behavior by watching real user sessions. 

Fullsession provides real-time insight and lets you understand what kind of issues your customers encounter. You can use the data to make your product or service better. What’s more, you’ll be able to do that without too much effort or difficulty.

Who uses it?

FullSession is an excellent tool for web analysts, web designers, marketers, UX/UI researchers, analytics teams, and product managers. However, it can be valuable for most business owners in the SaaS (Software As A Service) and eCommerce sectors.


To use FullSession, you just need to start your 14-day free trial and install a code snippet on your website. We offer detailed guides to show you how to integrate FullSession with popular platforms, such as WordPress, BigCommerce, Wix, and Shopify. You can also get a demo if you want to see how it works.

Features list

    1. Session recordings and replays

Session recording and replay provide you with website visitor tracking in real-time, help you analyze user trends, and see top users and referrers. 

session replay

FullSession allows you to monitor user activity, including error and rage clicks, and get data regarding user location, IP address, the visited URL, referrals, time spent on the page, session list, and session events. 

You can also identify funnel drop-offs and observe customer actions: button clicks, hovers, and mouse movement. What’s best, you can skip the inactivity or speed up the session replay to focus on the critical user behavior

fullsession-logrocket competitor
fullsession tool-customer actions
    2. Interactive heatmaps

Interactive heat maps let you track mouse movements, see how far users scroll your web pages, and which elements they click the most.

Click map example

fullsession clickmap

A click map is a heatmap visually representing the clicks made by users on a web page. It helps you pinpoint where visitors are clicking the most, where they might be having trouble finding what they are looking for, and their overall engagement.

You can see the URL of the visited page, the number of total visitors, views, and clicks, as well as errors, rage, and dead clicks. You can also see information regarding load time and average time on the page.

fullsession detailed clickmap

Mouse movement map example

fullsession movement map

Using a mouse movement map, you can evaluate how your users interact with your website, how interesting certain page sections are, and whether or not they find what they are looking for before exiting.

Scroll map example

fullsession movement map

A scroll heatmap visually represents the user’s scroll behavior. It shows which parts of the page users view most often, which parts get the least attention, and where users spend the most time on each particular page.

    3. Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation helps you find critical events during a session. You can filter session recordings by various parameters and share your findings with the rest of your team. 

customer segmentation
    4. Advanced analytics

FullSession allows you to gather valuable data and customer insights. You can see the median scroll depth, the number of dead clicks, error clicks, console errors, average page load speeds, and percentage of sessions on mobile devices, among other things. It gives you a birds-eye view of all issues negatively affecting your conversion rates.

user analytics
    5. Customer feedback 

You can create customer feedback forms with a custom design and specific questions you want to ask your users. You can also choose on which devices you want to collect user feedback. You will get a detailed overview of each feedback, and you can send the results directly to your mailbox. 

customer feedback

Each user feedback is connected to a session recording you can watch to see what happened and better understand your users.

session replay for customer feedback
    6. Notes

You can leave notes to share your findings with the other team members. It improves collaboration and speeds up your product improvement.

    7. Conversions

This feature allows you to track important conversion metrics such as the percentage of converted users, conversion rates, time to convert, etc. You can use this information to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and optimize your product strategy.

What makes this tool unique

FullSession is a comprehensive web analytics platform with an intuitive interface and excellent data quality. It provides advanced analytics without slowing the website down or affecting its performance. It allows you to provide the best customer experience and use valuable data to make continuous product improvements. 


You can integrate FullSession with third-party tools such as WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce.

Customer support

FullSession provides a support site and several valuable guides. You can also contact our team using the chat on the website.


FullSession has two main pricing plans: 

  • Basic – it’s $39/month and offers 5,000 sessions 
  • Business – it’s priced at $149/month and gives access to 25,000 sessions 

There’s also an Enterprise plan that you can customize according to your needs. FullSession offers a free trial with access to all of the features. You can also get a demo to see how it works.


  • Shows actual, real-time user interactions
  • Updated with new features
  • It’s intuitive and easy to use
  • It provides a 14-day free trial
  • Offers detailed data regarding user behavior and engagement
  • Advanced filtering options help you find what you’re looking for faster
  • It doesn’t affect website performance or site speed negatively 


  • FullSession doesn’t work with mobile apps

To see how FullSession works, create your account today and start a 14-day free trial.

      2. Dynatrace

dynatrace review

Image source: G2

Dynatrace is a comprehensive platform for infrastructure monitoring, security management, and business analytics. It offers many different features in one package, and you can use it to track metrics, user experience, and behavioral data, among other things. Dynatrace also offers a broad list of potential integrations.  

User rating

Dynatrace has a 4.4 rating on Capterra and a 4.5 score on G2.

Who uses it?

Because of its complexity, many different teams can use Dynactrace. It’s a good solution for financial markets, retail businesses, transportation companies, emergency services, and government.


Dynatrace requires you to set up an account and install a client on the system you will use it on. The process is more complex than with other platforms.

Features list

  • Real user monitoring – you can view session replays to see how users interact with a page
  • Synthetic monitoring – helps you automatically find problems with your solution before users notice them
  • Mobile app monitoring – you can use Dynactrace with mobile apps
  • Business Analytics – you can track various business metrics, evaluate conversion rates, etc.
  • Cloud automation – helps accelerate software delivery 

What makes this tool unique

Dynatrace offers many different features in one package and gives access to all the acquired data through a single dashboard. It can be beneficial for big companies that focus on cross-team collaboration.


Dynatrace’s list of integrations is long. It mentions over 600 technologies, including AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, and many others.

Customer support

Dynatrace offers a detailed help page. You can contact the company via phone or e-mail.


The pricing depends on the features and services you want to use. For example, full-stack monitoring costs $74/month, infrastructure monitoring is $22/month, and digital experience monitoring costs $11/month.


  • Dynatrace offers many different features in one place
  • You can use the platform as a SaaS or deploy it in your cloud environment


  • User experience isn’t the focus here, and some companies won’t need so many features
  • Compared to other tools, deployment is more complicated 
  • It has a high learning curve
  • Confusing pricing

      3. Datadog (Digital Experience)

datadog review

Image source: G2

Datadog is a platform that allows businesses to monitor their websites and apps and manage security concerns. It offers multiple components and features in one product, including application performance monitoring, performance management, and real user monitoring.

User rating

Datadog has a 4.6 rating on Capterra. The tool’s score on G2 is lower – 4.3.

Who uses it?

Developers, cybersecurity specialists, IT operations teams, and business users can use Datadog in their work.


Like in the Dynatrace case, to use Datadog, you must set up an account and install a client. It’s not a complicated process, but it’s not as easy as installing the FullSession code snippet.

Features list

  • Log management and interactive dashboards – Datadog unifies logs and metrics and shows everything in one place
  • Session replay and real user monitoring – you can see what users do on the page
  • Synthetic monitoring – end-to-end testing during the entire development process
  • Error tracking – Datadog automatically flags problematic sessions
  • Privacy controls – privacy options to anonymize sensitive information

What makes this tool unique

Like Dynatrace, Datadog offers many features under one umbrella. You can track many applications and pages simultaneously and access data regarding performance, security, user experience, etc. It can be a boon for corporations that prefer one system to deal with various issues.


You can integrate Datadog with over 500 technologies, including AWS, Apache, Microsoft Azure, GitHub, GCP, and Jenkins.

Customer support

Datadog offers a help page and documentation. You can contact the company via phone, e-mail, or live chat.


Datadog offers different pricing options with several plans for each service. For example, infrastructure monitoring has a Pro plan and an Enterprise plan. The first one costs $15/host/month, and the second one costs $23/host/month. 

Real user monitoring and session replay cost $0.45 per 1000 sessions per month on browsers and mobile devices. There’s also Browser Premium Plan with additional features, priced at $1.80 per 1000 sessions per month.


  • A complex platform that lets you monitor various things at the same time
  • You can use it in many different systems and environments
  • Takes privacy into account


  • The platform offers much more than just user experience monitoring, but many companies won’t need such an extensive feature set
  • Deployment is more complex than in LogRocket case
  • Confusing pricing

      4. Lucky Orange

Lucky-Orange review

Image source: Capterra

Lucky Orange is a web analytics platform for analyzing user behavior. It lets you watch how users interact with elements of your website – what they click and avoid. It also allows you to identify what causes funnel drop-offs and monitor mouse movements and clicks. Finally, you can use it to analyze the incoming traffic.

User rating

Lucky Orange has a 4.7 rating on Capterra. The tool has a slightly lower 4.6 score on G2.

Who uses it?

Lucky Orange was designed for user experience researchers, marketers, and members of support teams.


To use Lucky Orange, you must install a code snippet on your website. It’s relatively easy – you don’t need any actual coding knowledge.

Features list

  • Session recordings – help you watch users interacting with your website
  • Dynamic heatmaps – see which parts of the page people click and what they avoid
  • Dashboard Insights – Lucky Orange offers a range of useful insights, including information on funnel behavior, event completions, and traffic
  • Form analytics – you can find out why people leave your forms
  • Conversion funnels – see at what points and moments users abandon your site
  • Visitor profiles – each profile serves as a log that shows the interactions of a user with the solution
  • Surveys – they let you ask your users customizable questions
  • Announcements – you can use this feature to share important news with your audience
  • Live chats – you can use them to provide customer support

What makes this tool unique

Lucky Orange is a real-time UX analysis tool with a visible focus on optimizing conversion funnels and heatmaps/recordings data retention of 30-60 days, depending on the subscription plan. Thanks to a flexible pricing system, you can easily scale the service as your business grows.


You can integrate Lucky Orange with WordPress, Google Tag Manager, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento, etc.

Customer support

Lucky Orange has a dedicated support site. You can also contact the company via chat. 


Lucky Orange offers a flexible pricing system. There’s a free version that you can use on one website, with up to 500 pageviews/month, an unlimited number of team members, and 30-day storage for heatmaps and recordings. 

Paid plans start at $18/month and go up to $375. The numbers of pageviews per month and days of data storage change along the way. There’s also a customizable Enterprise plan that starts at a million page views per month.

Paid plans have a 7-day free trial. 


  • It’s easy to install
  • It offers plenty of data
  • Good for optimizing conversion funnels


  • Some users complain of sites’ slow load times
  • The interface can be a bit challenging to learn
  • There are reports of missing or inaccurate data

      5. FullStory

fullstory review

Image source: G2

FullStory is a web analytics platform that gives teams plenty of tools to analyze user behavior. It tracks mouse movement, scrolling, and clicking, as well as the filling out of forms. It also provides access to heatmaps and session replays, and you can use it to optimize funnels and conversion rates.

User rating

FullStory has a 4.6 rating on Capterra. The score on G2 is a bit lower – 4.5.

Who uses it?

FullStory is a platform for product managers, marketers, and UX/CX researchers. Companies of different sizes can make use of it.


To use FullStory, you must install a code snippet on your website. The company provides tutorials to make the process easier.

Features list

  • Privacy protection – the solution doesn’t collect sensitive data
  • Heatmaps – they help you track user behavior
  • Session replays – you can see what your users are doing
  • Tagless autocapture – it allows you to retroactively capture what your users see and get an insight into their experience
  • Frustration signals – automatic alerts that help you identify problems, causes for rage clicks, etc.
  • Funnels and conversions – you can check how users use your website, and whether it works as intended
  • Journey maps – they’re a visualization that shows how users travel on your website
  • Dashboard – easy access to key data and metrics

What makes this tool unique

FullStory is a comprehensive UX intelligence platform that offers access to in-depth data regarding customer behavior, funnels, and conversion rates. You can access all the critical information through a detailed dashboard, and the company ensures not to disturb the users’ privacy. However, the tool is complex and can be challenging to learn.


You can integrate FullStory with BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Squarespace, Woo Commerce, Google Tag Manager, and Segment.

Customer support

FullStory has a dedicated help page. You can also contact the company via e-mail.


FullStory has a free plan that should cover the basic needs of smaller businesses. There are also two paid plans – Business and Enterprise – with some differences in terms of offered features. However, exact pricing isn’t specified on the website. There’s also a 14-day free trial for the Business subscription.


  • Easy to install
  • Allows accurate tracking of the user’s journey on your website and helps you identify potential problems with UX
  • You can share session recordings
  • Focus on privacy


  • Basic pricing information isn’t available on the website, and some users don’t like the way subscription plans are set up – charging is per session, not unique users
  • It’s not the easiest of solutions to use – learning it and getting to the data you need may require a time investment

LogRocket competitors: A short overview

Here’s a short overview with some details regarding all of the five compared platforms in the form of a handy table.

 LanguagesSupportPricingFree trial or version
FullSessionEnglishHelp center, e-mailStarting at $39/monthYes
DynatraceEnglishHelp center, e-mail, phone$11/monthYes, trial
DatadogEnglish, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, KoreanHelp page, e-mail, phone, chat$0.45 per 1000 sessions per monthYes, trial
Lucky OrangeEnglishSupport site, chatStarting at $18/month Yes – both trial and version
FullStoryEnglishHelp page, e-mailUnknownYes – both trial and version

LogRocket competitors: The verdict

If a product offers a bad experience, people won’t use or pay for it. For this reason, you must ensure your solution provides an adequate user experience and test it extensively. It’s pretty much the only way to find and fix usability problems.

To do this effectively, regularly, and on a large enough scale, you must invest in specialized web analytics tools, such as our FullSession. It offers a range of valuable features, such as session recordings, interactive heatmaps, customer feedback forms, and advanced analytics. Whatever you may need to find issues with your product – we have it!

However, you don’t have to take us at our word – you can check FullSession out, thanks to our 14-day free trial! Create your account today and decide if FullSession fits your needs.

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