You’ve probably heard of user behavior analytics tools before. You can use them to monitor user behavior, measure user engagement on websites and mobile apps, track user activity, monitor user flows, heat maps, scroll maps, and clickstreams on your web pages.

These tools provide many benefits, such as improved conversion rates, increased sales, improved customer experience, reduced operational costs, and more. However, there are also drawbacks, such as user privacy concerns.

There are many user behavior analytics tools on the market today. Some are free or low-cost, while others can be quite expensive. In this blog post, you will find a list of the top 9 user behavior analytics tools for 2022 to help you decide what’s best for your business. You can start with FullSession, our web analytics tool, and use a 14-day free trial to get to know our product.

What are user behavior analytics tools?

User behavior analytics tools (UBA) refer to the technology you can use to measure user behavior and identify trends or patterns that help you make better business decisions about your product development. User behavior analytics software works by collecting user behavior data from website visitors’ interactions with your website, web app, or landing page, typically through cookies or browser-based Javascript scripts.

These interactions may include form submission, checkout process, mouse movements, page views, user inputs, or clicks. The goal of user behavior analysis is to help you measure the quality of these interactions, so you can improve your product by making changes to its design, layout, or content accordingly.

Who should analyze user data?

User behavior analytics tools or UX tools let user experience professionals analyze user behavior. UX tools help them gain insight to improve customer satisfaction, increase conversions and reduce customer churn. Here is the list of departments that benefit the most from behavioral analytics.

   1. Marketing teams

User behavior analytics tools enable marketing teams to track real users’ activity and interests. For example, they can use user behavior data to determine which user’s actions lead to a customer conversion. It enables marketing teams to understand user sentiment and user experience.

Additionally, user behavior analytics helps them see the customer journey through a website or mobile app, and predict where customers might get stuck when using products or services.

   2. Quality Assurance teams

Quality assurance teams are often the first to identify user issues upon product launch. User behavior analytics tools can assist these teams by providing analytics data that they can use to find and reproduce bugs in a web app. When quality assurance teams use user behavior analytics software for QA purposes, they can discover errors quickly and deploy new features before user adoption declines.

   3. Customer Support teams

A user behavior analytics tool helps customer support teams monitor and understand how users interact while using your product or service. Also, it allows them to increase user satisfaction and retention, as they can better identify and meet the user needs.

   4. Product Development teams

Product development teams use user behavior analytics tools to improve websites, web apps, mobile apps, or landing pages. They analyze data to discover why customers abandon your website.

For example, analytics can measure and gather data on product accessibility, user behavior patterns, user navigation through the site, user click-through rates, shopping cart abandonment rates, content performance data, how different forms work, page views per user, and more.

What are the benefits of user behavior analytics tools?

The user behavior analytics software offers in-depth insights for business owners who want more information about their customers. Businesses of all sizes, from multinational corporations to startups, use these solutions to improve their products or services.

Here are some of the reasons for measuring user behavior and user interactions:

  1. You can monitor user behavior in real-time.
  2. You can understand exactly what your customers want and need.
  3. You can use insights to personalize customer product or service experiences.
  4. You will have more analytics data to make business decisions.
  5. You can gain insights into user trends, preferences, and intentions.
  6. You will improve user engagement, user loyalty, and user satisfaction.
  7. You can detect what’s alienating site visitors.
  8. You can enhance customer support by understanding user feedback.
  9. You can use collected data for conversion rate optimization.
  10. You can optimize your marketing or development efforts.
  11. You can improve your content strategy.
  12. You can understand the path leading immediately to conversions.
  13. You can increase knowledge on retention and customer lifetime value.
  14. You can launch new features and updates faster.

User behavior analytics tools are becoming increasingly popular. These users’ behavior data analysis tools help you create more user-friendly products. But how do you know what is the right tool for your needs? Continue reading to find out.

The list of 9 best user behavior tools

User behavior analytics tools use many techniques, from session recordings, simple surveys and log file analysis to sophisticated A/B testing and eye-tracking experiments. They generally fall into three categories: user experience measurement, user experience engineering, and user experience optimization.

The user behavior analytics software market is growing fast, and there are many different types available to help you understand user behavior on your website. Therefore, it can be hard to decide which website analytics tool is right for your company. In the following section, we will review the top nine user behavior analytics tools, discuss why you should use them, and what benefits they offer for your business.

1. FullSession


FullSession is a web analytics tool that lets you record and replay user sessions and interactions with your site, helping you understand how your visitors behave, navigate around the site, and experience your site’s content.

FullSession runs in the background of your site, not affecting its performance, and automatically records all your visitors’ actions: what they did, where they clicked, what they typed, how long it took them to complete the desired action, and their mouse movements.

You can use data gathered from FullSession to adjust your site to your visitors’ needs, optimize your site performance, inform your product roadmap, improve your marketing campaigns, and more.

Who is FullSession for

FullSession is a good option for product teams, UX teams, marketing teams, sales teams, and data analysts. It is popular in the eCommerce industry.

FullSession features overview

Here is the list of FullSession features that can help you achieve your business goals.

  • Session recordings
  • Session replays
  • Advanced user filtering and segmentation
  • Digital engagement monitoring
  • Advanced user analytics
  • The real-time and interactive heat mapping tool
  • Customer feedback tools

FullSession integrations

For now, you can integrate FullSession with third-party tools such as Shopify, Big Commerce, Wix, and WordPress.

FullSession support

If you have any issues with FullSession, you can send an email, visit the knowledge base, or start a live chat with a customer service rep. You can also find useful guides and documentation on the website.

FullSession pricing

If you think FullSession is a good solution for your business, you can choose one of two paid plans:

  1. The Basic plan lets you record 3,000 sessions and invite 3 team members for $39/month
  2. The Business plan lets you record 15,000 sessions and invite 5 team members for $99/month

We understand that every business has unique challenges, which is why we’ll work with you to create a customized plan that fits your needs. If you want to get started, contact us today and send an email to

The customized plan includes all premium features and:

  • Custom number of sessions
  • Custom invoicing
  • Priority support
  • Dedicated onboarding and implementation

FullSession offers a 14-day free trial to let you test all features. We would like to hear your review, so let us know what you think.

2. Hotjar



Hotjar offers several tools and a research mode that help you see what most of your users are doing online. You’ll get heatmaps of your customers’ clicks and recordings of them using your site. This way, you can find issues with the user journey, from entry pages to exit pages, so you can resolve problems quickly, improve your marketing efforts, save development time, and retain more customers.

Hotjar user rating

Hotjar has an 8.7 score out of 10 on TrustRadius, based on 262 user reviews.

Who is Hotjar for

The most common users of Hotjar are small businesses, bloggers, and freelancers. It is widely used by marketing and advertising agencies, technology companies, and the retail industry.

List of Hotjar features

Hotjar is a set of website analytics and feedback tools that work in real-time. It also comes with a variety of ready-made analysis and reporting options. Here is the list of Hotjar features:

  • Heatmaps
  • Session recording
  • Session replay tools
  • Conversion funnels
  • Form analytics
  • User feedback pop up widget
  • Incoming feedback
  • Surveys
  • Usability testing recruitment

Hotjar integrations

Currently, you can integrate Hotjar with Slack, Segment, Hubspot, Google Optimize, Omniconvert, Optimizely, and Zapier.

Hotjar support

If you have any questions regarding Hotjar, you can visit the knowledge base, read user guides and documentation, or submit a request.

Hotjar pricing

Hotjar offers three pricing plans to choose from – Plus, Business and Scale:

  1. Small teams should choose the Plus plan. You can start a free trial and record up to 100 daily sessions. It costs $39/month.
  2. Growing companies should choose the Business plan. It starts at $99/month.
  3. Large enterprises should choose the Scale plan. It starts at $389/month.

If you want to learn more about Hotjar, you can read our comprehensive review. Also, you can go through our guide on Hotjar alternatives, find out how it compares Microsoft Clarity or Inspectlet, or read our blog post on the differences between Hotjar and Google Analytics.

3. Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange

Image source:

Lucky Orange makes it easier than ever to troubleshoot issues with your website or web app. You can capture all of your customers’ actions while they are on the virtual desktop, from mouse movements, clicks, and taps to scrolls and more.

It helps you monitor customer behavior, learn about your users and their preferences and find issues before they become serious problems.

Lucky Orange user rating

Lucky Orange has an 8.2 score out of 10 on TrustRadius, based on 15 user reviews.

Who is Lucky Orange for

It is a good option for UX designers, product managers, market researchers, digital marketers, and software sales teams. Small businesses and marketing and advertising agencies use it the most.

List of Lucky Orange features

Lucky Orange helps you track and identify what’s going on with your website performance. You can view backup data and future behavior predictions, which comes in handy to make better business decisions.

Here is the list of Lucky Orange features:

  • Session recording and session replay
  • Live Chat for customer support
  • Conversion funnel optimization
  • Detailed visitor profiles with recordings history
  • Announcement sharing
  • Placement options
  • Intelligent triggers
  • Dynamic heatmaps
  • Unlimited and customizable dashboards
  • Form analytics
  • Fully customizable surveys with a pre-launch preview

Lucky Orange integrations

Currently, you can integrate Lucky Orange with Google Analytics, Adobe DTM, and Hubspot CRM.

Lucky Orange support

If you need help with Lucky Orange, you can send an email, contact support by phone, visit the help center, or start a live chat on the official website.

Lucky Orange pricing

If you have only one website, you can use a free plan that includes 500 page views per month, unlimited recordings, and 30-day worth of heatmap data. Lucky Orange offers five pricing packages you can also test with a free trial:

  1. Starter package includes 25,000 pageviews/month for $10/month
  2. Small Business package includes 60,000 pageviews/month for $20/month
  3. Medium package includes 200,000 pageviews/month for $50/month
  4. Large package includes 500,000 pageviews/month for $100/month
  5. Enterprise package lets you create a customized plan

You can read our comprehensive review if you’re interested in learning how Lucky Orange compares to Hotjar.

4. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg

Image source:

Crazy Egg helps you create a more effective website by providing insight into popular areas, scroll depth, and click patterns, all of which you can segment by key elements (e.g., referral sources). With a focus on improving conversion rates, it will quickly show you what’s working and what isn’t.

By using Crazy Egg, you will increase revenue per visitor, decrease bounce rates and shopping cart abandonment, and ultimately improve your customer experience.

Crazy Egg User rating

Crazy Egg has an 8.9 score out of 10 on TrustRadius, based on 116 user reviews.

Who is Crazy Egg for

Crazy Egg is a popular solution in education, eCommerce, marketing and advertising, computer software, automotive, banking, and consumer electronics industries.

List of Crazy Egg features

With real-time heatmaps and visitor recording, you can pinpoint and fix the usability issues affecting your customers’ experience — including poorly designed forms, broken links, unclear CTAs, and more.

Here is the list of Crazy Egg features:

  • Session recordings and replays
  • Heatmaps, scroll maps, and click maps
  • A/B testing tool
  • Battle form abandonment
  • Engagement analysis
  • Confetti reports
  • Site launches
  • Visitor analysis
  • Audience segmentation
  • UX/UI audits
  • Customer analysis
  • Variable testing
  • Insights

Crazy Egg integrations

Crazy Egg integrates with third-party tools such as AWeber, Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify.

Crazy Egg support

If you want to learn more about Crazy Egg, you can visit their help center or submit a request on the official website.

Crazy Egg pricing

Crazy Egg’s pricing plans enable businesses to select the right plan for their needs. There are five plans to choose from, and each includes a free trial for customers to test it out. All plans are billed annually.

  1. The Basic plan starts at $24/month and includes 30,000 tracked pageviews, 25 snapshots, and 100 recordings.
  2. The Standard plan starts at $49/month and includes 75,000 tracked pageviews, 50 snapshots, and 500 recordings.
  3. The Plus plan starts at $99/month and includes 150,000 tracked pageviews, 75 snapshots, and 1,000 recordings.
  4. The Pro plan starts at $249/month and includes 500,000 tracked pageviews, 100 snapshots, and 5,000 recordings.
  5. For information on the Enterprise plan, which includes unlimited pageviews and recordings, contact the sales reps.

If you want to find out how Crazy Egg compares to Hotjar, read our recent comparison of these two software solutions.

5. Mixpanel


Image source:

Mixpanel is a user analytics platform that collects every event on your website and links it to a single user, allowing real-time data collection through API or SDK.

It offers live site tools to help you get data on customer behavior, develop valuable products and track your product’s performance. With its assortment of intelligent reports that use aggregated data in real-time, you can make informed product decisions based on specific scenarios.

You can get insights on the most important metrics, such as engagement and conversion, or run A/B tests and measure advertising effectiveness.

Mixpanel user rating

Mixpanel has an 8.4 score out of 10 on TrustRadius, based on 145 user reviews.

Who is Mixpanel for

As for job functions, it is best suited for mobile or web developers. Companies in computer software, information technology and services, the internet, financial services, and health, wellness, and fitness industries use it the most.

List of Mixpanel features

Mixpanel is more than just a tool for analytics, it’s a data-analytics platform. It takes the information users give you, analyzes it, and provides actionable insights. Here is the list of Mixpanel features:

  • Interactive Insights, Funnels, Flows, Retention, Impact, Users, Experiments, and Signal reports
  • Team dashboard and alerts
  • Advanced data segmentation
  • Group analytics on the account or organization level
  • Data integrations and management
  • Increased security and privacy

Mixpanel integrations

Mixpanel integrates with more than 50 platforms such as Google Analytics, Zoho, Meya, and FullStory, making it one of the most advanced solutions on the market.

Mixpanel support

Mixpanel offers a few ways to contact its customer support. You can submit a request, visit the help center, or read developers’ documentation.

Mixpanel pricing

Mixpanel offers three pricing plans, Free, Growth, and Enterprise.

  1. The Free plan lets you track up to 100,000 monthly users.
  2. The Growth plan lets you create your plan by choosing the number of users you want to track monthly. It starts at $25/month and doesn’t have a free trial.
  3. To learn more about the Enterprise plan, you need to contact sales to get your customized plan and pricing.

If you want to learn how Mixpanel compares to Hotjar and Clicktale, you can read our blog post on this topic.

6. Heap


Image source:

Friction is the word used to describe the negative reaction customers have when they run into problems while using a website or app. These problems are often hidden in the experience. They create inconvenience and dissatisfaction with your business. Heap finds these issues, helping you improve your digital performance.

Heap is a tool that helps you make sense of your data by giving you a place to collect, analyze, and visualize. With Heap, you can easily record user behavior and then test out changes to see how they impact conversion rates and, ultimately, your profits.

Heap User rating

Heap has an 8.6 score out of 10 on TrustRadius, based on 208 user reviews.

Who is Heap for

Heap Analytics is very popular in eCommerce, retail, computer software, IT and services, marketing and advertising industries, and financial services.

List of Heap features

Heap lets you track your users’ behavior through their journey. Using its suite of analytics tools, you can look at all of your data in real-time and react to customer feedback promptly. Here is the list of Heap features:

  • Complete data auto-capture
  • APIs
  • Sources
  • Event visualizer
  • Data dictionary and governance
  • Data protection and access control
  • Dashboards and insights
  • Ad-hoc analysis
  • Heap connect
  • Heap activate

Heap integrations

Heap integrates with other solutions such as SalesForce, Marketo, Optimizely, Shopify, HubSpot, and Intercom.

Heap support

If you have any issues with Heap, you can read their documentation, user guides, or send an email to customer support.

Heap pricing

Heap offers four pricing plans to help you start transforming your customer experience.

  1. The Free plan enables you to start one project and record up to 10,000 sessions per month.
  2. The Growth plan has a free trial and lets you record up to 40,000 sessions per month. It starts at $3,600 annually.
  3. The Pro plan lets you define your annual session volume and has a free trial. The price is not disclosed publicly.
  4. For information on the Premier plan you need to contact the sales reps.

7. FullStory


Image source:

FullStory gives you a holistic view of your customer’s digital journey to help you deliver an improved customer experience. It combines both qualitative and quantitative data providing insights on what appeals to your customers visually and how they’re interacting with your site. It helps you drive digital transformation and ultimately grow your business.

FullStory provides your company with the insights you need to identify, troubleshoot, and fix bugs more efficiently. It can also help you retain your customers by tracking down bugs in real-time before it’s too late.

FullStory user rating

FullStory has an 8.6 score out of 10 on TrustRadius, based on 57 user reviews.

Who is FullStory for

SMBs, large enterprises, and nonprofits love FullStory. It is a very popular tool in eCommerce and retail, SaaS, finance and insurance, travel and hospitality, and telecom and media industry.

List of FullStory features

FullStory gives you the power to identify issues and understand customer journeys. With a feature set that includes session recording, replaying, and analyzing user sessions, FullStory helps you get to the bottom of revenue-impacting issues in no time. Here is the list of FullStory features:

  • Advanced record and session replay
  • Skip inactivity feature
  • Action-based users and sessions filtering
  • Developers tools and bug reports
  • Conversion funnel optimization
  • Click and scroll heatmaps
  • Collaboration tools
  • Privacy control features
  • Implementation with JavaScript frameworks

FullStory integrations

FullStory provides over 50 integration options. It offers native integrations, APIs, and iPaaS integrations with tools such as, Workato, and Zapier.

FullStory support

If you get stuck with FullStory, you can send an email or visit their knowledge base that will probably provide answers to most of your questions.

FullStory pricing

FullStorry offers free plans, but it doesn’t disclose its pricing publically. You can find some basic information about each plan on their official website.

  1. Forever free plan provides you three seats, up to 1,000 sessions/month, and one month of data storage.
  2. The Business plan includes a 14-day free trial.
  3. For information on the Enterprise plan, you need to contact sales reps.

We’ve recently reviewed how FullStory compares to Hotjar, Crazy Egg, and Mouseflow to help you find all relevant information on this blog post. If you are interested in an in-depth comparison of Hotjar and FullStory, read this article.

8. Amplitude Analytics

Amplitude Analytics

Image source:

Amplitude is a customer intelligence and analytics platform that enables you to collect, aggregate, and analyze data about your audience’s behavior in real-time.

With Amplitude’s advanced real-time and historical data collection, visualization tools, and machine learning capabilities to make sense of it all, your entire team can gain valuable insight into the way customers interact with your brand across every touchpoint of their lifecycle.

Amplitude user rating

Amplitude has a 9.1 score out of 10 on TrustRadius, based on 62 user reviews.

Who is Amplitude for

Amplitude is very popular and widely used in B2B, consumer tech, eCommerce, media, and financial services.

List of Amplitude features

Amplitude is an analytics platform for mobile and web apps that provides fast, precise answers to what’s driving your users’ behaviors. It helps companies design growth experiments, discover user behavior, build personalized experiences, and monetize their business. Here is the list of Amplitude features:

  • Product analytics and experiments
  • Explore behavioral data
  • Measure key metrics
  • Monitor frictions
  • Analyze digital journeys
  • Identify retention and conversion drivers
  • Predict future outcomes

Amplitude integrations

Amplitude integrates with more than 14 third-party tools such as Adobe Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, HubSpot, Amazon Redshift, and more.

Amplitude support

If you need help with Amplitude, you can visit their help center, send an email, or start a live chat.

Amplitude pricing

Amplitude analytics offers three plans but doesn’t disclose prices on its website. It offers the Starter plan free of charge, and the Growth and Enterprise plan with a different set of features. If you want to learn more, you need to contact sales reps.

9. LogRocket


Image source:

LogRocket gives you insight into your users’ behavior and lets you replay their sessions. It helps you understand what went wrong when something crashes or why your conversion rate needs improvement. With LogRocket’s flexible sharing options, you can easily share a replay with other team members and provide the details on any user interaction that may help fix issues faster.

By watching how your users interact with your site, LogRocket will show you where users struggle, what they do right or wrong. In addition to helping you understand the actions of individual users, LogRocket will also help you identify user trends.

LogRocket user rating

LogRocket has a 4.7 score out of 5 on G2, based on 313 user reviews.

Who is LogRocket for

LogRocket is most popular in computer software, financial services, IT and services, marketing and advertising, and real estate industries.

List of LogRocket features

LogRocket lets you replay issues as they happen. Get stack traces and the full user session history, replay page interactions on any browser, device, or app, and use the visual debugger to understand what’s going on as bugs happen. Here is the list of LogRocket features:

  • Session recordings and session replays
  • Error tracking and management
  • Front end performance monitoring
  • Product analytics
  • User experience analytics

LogRocket integrations

LogRocket integrates with many popular platforms such as Zendesk, Jira, Intercom, Datadog, Pendo, Sentry, and Stockpile.

LogRocket support

If you ever have any questions or issues with your LogRocket account, make sure to check out their documentation. Also, you can start a live chat or send an email to customer support.

LogRocket pricing

LogRocket offers three options to help you choose the right pricing plan based on your needs.

  1. The Developer plan is free to use and includes 1,000 sessions/month with 1-month data retention.
  2. The Team plan includes a 14-day free trial and starts at $99/month. It includes 10,000 sessions/month with 1-month data retention.
  3. The Professional plan offers custom pricing, so you need to contact sales reps.

If you’re thinking about FullStory and LogRocket, but can’t decide which software to use, you can read a comprehensive review we wrote to help you out.

Short overview of the user behavior analytics tools

There’s a lot of variety in what these tools offer, so if you are new to user behavior analytics, it may be hard for you to make a decision. Let’s make a short overview of these popular tools for analyzing websites to help you out.

 User ratingBest forIntegrationsSupportFree trialPricing
FullSessionN/AeCommerce industryShopify, Big Commerce, Wix, and WordPressEmail, knowledge base, live chat, user guides, documentationYesStarts at


Hotjar8.7 score out of 10 on TrustRadiusMarketing and advertising agencies, technology companies, and the retail industrySlack, Segment, Hubspot, Google Optimize, Omniconvert, Optimizely, and ZapierUser guides, documentation, knowledge base, submit a requestYesStarts at


Lucky Orange8.2 score out of 10 on TrustRadiusSmall businesses and marketing and advertising agenciesGoogle Analytics, Adobe DTM, and Hubspot CRMEmail, live chat, phone support, help centerYesStarts at


Crazy Egg8.9 score out of 10 on TrustRadiusEducation, eCommerce, marketing and advertising, computer software, automotive, banking, and consumer electronics industriesAWeber, Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify.Help center or submit a requestYesStarts at


Mixpanel8.4 score out of 10 on TrustRadiusComputer software, information technology and services, the internet, financial services, and health, wellness, and fitness industriesMore than 50 platforms such as Google Analytics, Zoho, Meya, and  FullStorySubmit a request, help center, documentationYesStarts at


Heap8.6 score out of 10 on TrustRadiuseCommerce, retail, computer software, IT and services, marketing and advertising industries, and financial servicesSalesForce, Marketo, Optimizely, Shopify, HubSpot, and Intercomdocumentation, user guides, or emailYesStarts at


FullStory8.6 score out of 10 on TrustRadiuseCommerce and retail, SaaS, finance and insurance, travel and hospitality, and telecom and media industriesOver 50 integration optionsKnowledge base or emailYesN/A
Amplitude Analytics9.1 score out of 10 on TrustRadiusB2B, consumer tech, eCommerce, media, and financial servicesAdobe Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, HubSpot, Amazon Redshift, and moreHelp center, email, or live chatYesN/A
LogRocket4.7 score out of 5 on G2Computer software, financial services, IT and services, marketing and advertising, and real estate industriesZendesk, Jira, Intercom, Datadog, Pendo, Sentry, and StockpileDocumentation, email, or live chatYesStarts at


FullSession provides everything you need

With FullSession, you’ll have access to user behavior analytics tools that will enable your team members to work more productively. Here are some of the reasons why FullSession should be your first choice:

  • It provides more accurate insights into users’ behavior
  • It gives you a holistic view of site performance
  • It identifies possible design issues and fixes to reduce friction points
  • It determines the optimal path for your marketing initiatives
  • It lets you gain insight into how to improve conversion rates
  • It offers advanced filtering options to better understand the customer journey
  • It identifies major events inside a single session during user testing
  • It doesn’t impact your website performance or slow down your website

FullSession will help you track user behavior, saving your time and money in the process. You can start a 14-day free trial to get to know our product and test all available features. If you like our service, you can choose one of two paid plans or contact us to create a customized plan based on your needs. We are super-flexible and always willing to hear our customers.

User behavior data is necessary for success

If you’re looking to improve your conversion rates and generate more leads, then user behavior analytics tools could be the answer for you. They can provide a deep understanding of how users interact with your website and help drive better marketing or product decisions, ultimately increasing your product’s performance.

The user behavior analytics tools we reviewed today should provide a good foundation for your decision-making process. But, no matter which one you choose, be sure to evaluate your needs, budget, and the features they offer before making any commitments. We recommend you start using FullSession for free and join our happy customers’ tribe today.

FAQ about user behavior tools

We’ve done thorough research to provide answers to all frequently asked questions about user behavior analytics tools. You can read our findings below.

1. Are there any free tools available when it comes to analytics tools for my business?

Google Analytics is the most commonly used free user behavior analytic tool on the market today. Google Analytics collects information from multiple data points and provides comprehensive reports on user activity across various channels, including website visits, page views, and bounce rates, mobile app usage statistics, and campaign tracking information for marketing campaigns. All you need is a Gmail account to get started gathering quantitative data from Google Analytics.

2. What are the drawbacks to using an analytics tool for my business?

There are some concerns regarding data protection. User behavior analytics tools require user consent to collect, store and analyze customer data. If you don’t securely handle visitor data, you can violate user privacy. When you decide to track user behavior, seek legal advice to know what you can or can’t do in the process.

3. Why track user behavior?

One of the most common reasons for tracking user behavior is to raise awareness of user actions. When you start tracking user behavior, you can see which user actions are the most common and which take place less frequently. You can use this information to provide a more user-centric experience.

4. How to start tracking user behavior?

If you want to track users’ behavior, gather user data, or start with user tests, we advise you to use FullSession. It takes only a few easy steps to start monitoring how visitors engage with your website or web app.

  1. Go to the homepage on the FullSession website and click on the Sign Up Free button.
  2. Fill out the user form with email and password or sign up with a Gmail account.
  3. Check your inbox or spam folder to find the confirmation email.
  4. Click on the Activate Your Account button and sign in to your new FullSession account.
  5. Add FullSession to your website or web app.
  6. Copy and paste the FullSession tracking code or the User ID code below the <head> of the page you want to track.
  7. Verify your installation.
  8. Invite your team members.

That’s it. If you want to know more about the process, you can read our article on website visitors recording.

5. What is user behavior in Google Analytics?

User behavior in Google Analytics lets you track user engagement on a website. You can use GA to determine how users interact with your website, what pages they visit, and how long they stay on your site. You can use this information to improve the overall user experience.

6. What are the best features for user behavior software?

The best user behavior software needs to include session recordings and replays, heat maps, customer feedback tools, in-depth insights, and reports to help you optimize your website performance. FullSession has them all.

7. Which analytics tools should I use in my business?

FullSession is one of the best analytics tools on the market to help you get started with monitoring user behavior. Here are some additional tools you could also try in the future:

  • Inspectlet
  • Mouseflow
  • Clicktale
  • Segment
  • Smartlook
  • SessionCam
  • Sherlock
  • Tableau
  • Geckoboard
  • VWO
  • Flurry
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