Getting customer feedback is now easier than ever. If you want to know what your customers think about your product, service, or company, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or hire a whole team of researchers. You can easily use online feedback tools to find out what your customers say about your brand.

Customer feedback is a critical part of the product development process. You can get customer feedback before launching new products or services, thereby ensuring the project’s success. There are many ways to get customer feedback online, and in this blog post, we will teach you how to do so.

If you’re new to collecting customer feedback, you can test the waters with FullSession, our web analytics tool. We provide customer feedback methods such as heatmaps, session recording and replay, NPS surveys, and real-time incoming feedback. Register your account and start a 14-day free trial.

Why is customer feedback important?

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Customer feedback lets you shape your existing products or services and helps you get great ideas to launch new offers. Also, you can improve the customer service experience to ensure your users never feel ignored or forgotten.

You can request feedback from your customers in many ways. The most common methods are surveys, interviews, focus groups, and online reviews. When collecting feedback, it is important to get accurate and unbiased information. To achieve this, protect users’ privacy and ensure that all responses are confidential to motivate users to share honest feedback.

By receiving feedback, you can track trends and patterns in potential customers’ behavior, use this information to meet customer expectations, and motivate them for future purchases.

Why should you gather customer feedback?

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When you receive negative comments from unhappy customers, don’t delete them. If your customers have negative experiences, it’s your job to address them. Consider negative reviews as a motivation to improve your business, learn more about your customers and create a customer-centric culture in your company.

Listen to their complaints and find out why they gave you a bad rating. You may find that there’s a problem with your products, services, or your website, or maybe your support team just didn’t deliver the right communication. Try to understand what went wrong and provide genuine effort to prevent these issues from occurring again in the future.

The 10 effective ways to collect customer feedback online

To get the most of customer feedback, you need to know which channels are right for your business, how to ask questions that give you the most useful data, and how to use each source of information. Here’s a short list of different methods that help you get customer feedback that matters.

1. Get customer feedback with web analytics data

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If customers visit your website many times but fail to make a purchase, they may be interested in your products or services but confused about the process. Based upon what your customers do when they visit your website, you can identify:

  1. Where and why customers drop off in the sales funnel
  2. The most popular areas of your website
  3. Which pages you should improve or redesign
  4. Which pages you should eliminate
  5. Where and how visitors convert into paying customers
  6. Which products or services are most popular

Deep customer insights gleaned from web analytics data help you make more informed decisions about your digital products or services, provide a competitive advantage for your business, and drive repeat sales.

2. Get customer feedback by email

customer feedback by email

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Email is a customer service channel that you can use to gather feedback at every stage of the customers’ journey. To maximize the chance to hear and understand your customers, do the following.

Get customer feedback with email surveys

Sending out an email survey is a great way to get high-quality feedback from your customers. By reaching out directly with a survey, you can learn more about what interests them and what products or services they would like to see more.

There are many benefits of email surveys, including the following:

  1. They are quick and easy to set up and administer.
  2. They are affordable.
  3. They are reliable.
  4. They are fast-paced and provide you with immediate feedback.

Creating an email survey allows you to understand your customers better, regardless of the industry you’re in. The valuable feedback you gather from customer surveys can help you inform product development, marketing strategy, improve customer service, and make business decisions faster.

Get customer feedback with personalized responses

Building a strong customer base is a key to success. One way to do this is by sending emails to your subscribers with a personalized response from your company when they subscribe to your service. Personalized response provides you with individual customer feedback and helps you get a better understanding of what your customers want.

When you ask customers about their biggest problems and read their answers, you can create a more comprehensive user experience and increase customer retention. The more specific you get with your response, the greater impact it has on user satisfaction.

Get customer feedback immediately after a purchase

You can use email to help your customers feel valued. For this purpose, take a few minutes and ask your customer how they feel about the shopping experience. Let them rate their experiences on a scale of 1–10, or ask what they like most and least about your products or services.

It helps build strong relationships between you and your customers, which leads to one-time buyers becoming loyal patrons of your brand.

3. Gathering feedback with website surveys

customer feedback by website surveys

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You can use website surveys to improve your site, find out what people like or dislike, and identify problems that slow people down or prevent them from using your products and services.

If you come up with smart questions, the customer survey can be an ideal way to gain insights into the customer experience. To ensure your customer feedback questions provide actionable insights, ask customers:

  1. How they use your site
  2. What they would like to see
  3. Whether they have a positive or negative experience
  4. What was good or bad
  5. What their feature requests are
  6. How you can improve their customer experience

You can also use website customer feedback surveys to gather data about your target audience. This information helps you create more effective marketing campaigns targeted at specific groups of people, removing your assumptions in the process.

4. Obtaining feedback with usability tests

feedback with usability tests

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Usability tests are important because they involve real users working with your website or mobile app. You can learn about users’ willingness to use your product, their confidence in your solution, whether they would recommend your product to their friends and if they would like to use it again.

Usability testing provides concrete, actionable feedback on whether your website design meets your goals and objectives. It helps your product team focus on your user needs, identify usability challenges early in the development process, understand how people use the product, or discover problems with structure, content, or layout.

5. Get candid feedback with user interviews

feedback with user interviews

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User interviews may be simple, informal surveys or more structured interviews. You can consider user interviews as a source of qualitative feedback, ideas, and suggestions at an early development stage and understand the motivations behind user behavior.

They can reveal both positive and negative information about your website. You can find information about your site’s design, its ease of use and effectiveness, or any other subject or topic you want to evaluate.

You probably already have a high level of confidence in your website design and functionality. But that’s not enough. Your work needs to be validated by the people who will use it, and user interviews are perfect for this purpose.

6. Collecting feedback with social media channels

feedback with social media channels

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Social media networks allow you to tap into your customers’ needs and concerns with relative ease. Feedback on social media is often more candid than other channels and brings more value to your business.

Social media is all about transparency, honesty, and two-way communication. Once you start marketing your products or services, your customer service team needs to monitor social media channels, listen to positive and negative user feedback, and respond promptly to show customers you care about them.

When used effectively, customer feedback helps you refine your products and services over time, resulting in higher customer engagement and retention.

7. Collect customer feedback with suggestion boards

feedback with suggestion boards

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Users love to help brands improve. You can create an online suggestion board, whether on an existing website or via a standalone platform, and invite users to write product or service feedback that may be upvoted or commented upon by other users.

Top articles with many up-voted comments can help you determine what users are looking for. Once you collect feedback, take action to improve or update your offer according to user ideas.

By continuous monitoring on this channel, you can solve user problems quickly and understand what new customers or loyal customers want from your brand.

8. Monitor feedback on other sites

It’s incredible how much publicity your company can get beyond social media. Blogs, forums, or magazines have comment sections full of positive or negative feedback influencing how people perceive your brand.

In the online world, negative reviews and comments can easily spread like wildfire. You need to monitor and respond to user comments if they run into issues with your product or service.

By addressing issues in real-time, your support team can solve problems before they escalate and engage customers with helpful responses creating a positive image of your brand that drives awareness and builds trust.

9. Collect feedback from live chat sessions

feedback from live chat sessions

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Live chat is a simple way to talk and connect with your users and get the most out of the time you spend together. It’s an essential tool that helps you build customer trust, brand loyalty, or win over new customers.

With live chat, you get instant feedback, which is critical to providing quality service. The customers will know their concerns are taken seriously by real humans and that your company dedicates its attention to customer satisfaction.

You can send direct messages to users, ask questions and resolve issues quickly to improve the brand’s reputation. Also, you can let users rate your chat sessions to improve the overall quality of your customer service.

10. Receive instant feedback with website feedback widgets

feedback with website feedback widgets

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You can add a feedback widget on your site to help customers leave comments and suggestions in real-time. This qualitative data lets you understand your strengths and weaknesses and helps in shaping your future products and services.

You can use these widgets to create polls, quizzes, ratings, or popups to ask users what caused them to stop converting. These insights will help you serve your customers better.

What is the best way to get customer feedback?

Now that we covered some of the most effective ways to gather customer feedback online, let’s explore how FullSession helps you with its features. Whether you run a small business or lead a large corporation, FullSession can jumpstart your customer feedback efforts. To start using FullSession, create your account and start a 14-day free trial.

What is the FullSession customer feedback form?

FullSession Feedback

Customer feedback means everything. It’s a critical aspect of online success, and it helps you understand the wants and needs of your users.

FullSession provides a comprehensive customer feedback tool that makes it easy to connect with your customers and learn what they really think about your products and services. By using FullSession to ask questions and gain insights, you can engage with customers, collect data, and take action to delight them.

You can integrate FullSession’s real-time customer feedback tool with any website, web app, or landing page in minutes. FullSession automatically captures and organizes real-time customer feedback on every page of your site.

How to use FullSession to collect customer feedback?

After registering your account, you will have access to FullSession dashboard that helps you monitor your website data in one place. You’ll see a Feedback tab in the primary menu. Click on it to start creating your feedback form.

FullSession Feedback

You’ll be redirected to a new panel, where you can see a list of feedback forms created in the past. For each form, you can see details such as:

  • Status (active/inactive)
  • Form name
  • Date created
  • Created by
  • The number of responses
  • Actions ( view responses)
FullSession Feedback

When you click on the View responses tab, you’ll get all the details of your visitor’s thoughts and feelings about your site. It provides you a more in-depth look into your website visitors feedback, including details such as:

  • Navigation (previous/next)
  • Time range
  • The number of items per page
  • Feedback response filter
  • URL contains to see user feedback for a specific page
  • Responses and Results tabs
  • List view/Session replay view
  • Download or share user feedback
FullSession Feedback

For each user feedback, you can see the following details:

  • Ordinal number
  • User ID number
  • Page URL
  • User sentiment
  • User comment
  • User email
  • Device, browser, and operating system
  • Session date
  • View feedback button that opens the session replay
  • Delete icon to remove single feedback
FullSession Feedback

If you choose the Results tab in the upper left corner, you will see an overview of user feedbacks with average results for a specific period.

FullSession Feedback results

The 6 easy steps to collect customer feedback

You will see a New Feedback Widget in the upper right corner you should click on to access the feedback form creator.

Incoming Feedback

In the first step, you need to add a name and a short description to your form. Naming your feedback form will help you find it easier in the forms list.

Create Feedback Widget

In the second step, you can define your form appearance. You can set:

  • The form language (English, French, or Arabic)
  • Set the form position on the page
  • Define reactions style
  • Add accent and alternate color
  • See a desktop or phone preview
Create Feedback Widget

If you are not satisfied with your design, you can reset settings or click on the Done button when you finish with your changes.

In the third step, you can set up the flow. You can define the initial question to understand the user’s emotions, require the customer’s email address, define the additional message, and write a thank you message to your user.

Create Feedback Widget

In the fourth step, you can target your audience by devices they use and set to collect feedback on all pages or a single page you specify with FullSession tracking code.

Create Feedback Widget

In the fifth step, you can choose to receive individual user feedback by email. It’s important to know that there is a daily limit in the number of responses you can receive directly to your inbox.

Create Feedback Widget

In the sixth or the final step, you can review if you have completed all necessary steps in form creation and activate your widget to start receiving user feedback.

Create Feedback Widget

Get real-time Incoming Feedback with FullSession

FullSession Feedback

With FullSession Incoming Feedback, you can connect with your customers easily. The Incoming Feedback widget is a small interactive tool that lets users provide their feedback in real-time without interrupting their browsing experience.

Feedback polls allow you to ask your customers simple questions and get honest answers quickly. You can fix issues faster, stop losing potential customers, and improve the overall customer experience. Add a feedback box to a highly-visible place on your site with an open question to start collecting user data — there are no additional integration steps!

Also, you can’t expect customers to answer long, tedious questionnaires about their experience so, FullSession provides you icons to uncover customers’ sentiments and let them express their feelings with a single click. 

Once customers share feedback, you can watch session recordings to learn what happened, understand their concerns, and find areas of improvement.

Find out Net Promoter Score (NPS) with FullSession

FullSession Feedback NPS

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer feedback tool that measures an individual customer’s willingness to recommend your product or service to others.  By asking a simple question, you can dive into the minds of your customers and better navigate the short and long-term success of your business.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a simple way to test customer loyalty. To calculate your score, use FullSession to host a poll and ask customers on a scale of 0 to 10 whether they would recommend your brand to friends and colleagues. FullSession sums up the number of customers who give you a 9, 10, or 0 and subtracts the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

A high NPS score means that your customers are happy with the products and services you provide. One of the best ways to increase your score is to ensure that you’re offering and delivering excellent customer service.

Reach out to all of your customers regularly and thank them for their loyalty — if you do it sincerely, they’ll know it and return the favor with a positive review.

Get quick feedback with FullSession heatmaps

FullSession heatmap

Instead of asking for users feedback, you can use FullSession interactive heatmaps to get a visual representation of the customer experience on your website. Heatmaps show colors patterns that correspond to different page areas, letting you see which elements of your web page attract users the most and how they interact with them.

High-intensity colors show the maximum user engagement, while low-intensity colors, such as blue, show user disinterest. You can then adjust the content and layout of your website based on this information to make it more user-friendly.

FullSession tracks all user interactions, including mouse movements, clicks, and scrolls, in real-time and on multiple devices. Use it to minimize bounce rates, shopping cart abandonment, shopper dissatisfaction, and boost conversions and sales.

Collecting customer feedback with FullSession session recordings and replay

FullSession Session Recording

With session recordings, you can better understand your website’s usability at each step of the customer journey. With FullSession session recordings, you’ll get a more focused approach to increasing conversion rates and improving customer satisfaction.

Session recordings are full-screen videos that help you see how people interact with your website, web app, or landing page and what confuses them.

By watching a session replay, you will get enough insights to identify and fix any issues your users might have with your website content or layout. Also, you can use session replays for training purposes, troubleshooting issues, or as a form of market research.

The 5 reasons to choose FullSession

FullSession provides you with all the necessary tools to get customer feedback online. Here are the top five reasons why FullSession should be your first choice:

  1. Broader analytics tools for visitor behavior and friction points analysis
  2. Comprehensive analysis of issues that may lead to funnel dropouts
  3. Advanced filtering options to better understand visitors digital experience
  4. Identification of major events inside a session that saves time and gives you focus
  5. Behavior and activity tracking to optimize conversion rates

The best part? You can test all features with a 14-day free trial. We don’t ask for any payment information, and there are no hidden fees or penalties. It is a great option to see if our web analytics tool is the right choice for your business. Register your free account today and start your journey with FullSession.


Here is the list of frequently asked questions about getting customer feedback.

How do you get customer feedback online?

There are many ways to get customer feedback online. Here are some examples.

The first way is to use surveys. You can use surveys to gather feedback on products, services, and company policies. Also, you can use it to collect data about customer preferences and attitudes.

Social media networks are very useful for getting customer feedback. You can use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to ask customers their opinions about your offer.

You can also use online questionnaires to collect feedback from customers. Questionnaires can be in the form of an online survey, an email questionnaire, or a comment card questionnaire.

Which one should I use for my business: online survey, focus group, or in-person interview?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to conduct a survey, focus group, or in-person interview will vary depending on the type of your business and your target market. However, here are some tips on how to choose which type of survey to use:

  1. Do your research and read reviews of different types of surveys before making a decision.
  2. Consider what information you need to get from your users.
  3. Think about what questions would be most relevant and useful for your business.
  4. Choose a survey method that is easy for you and your team to organize and monitor.
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