Did you know that almost one in three customers would be ready to pay a fee for a higher level of customer service? Nowadays, customer satisfaction has become the most important factor in the customer journey that outranks price or even product itself.

It is why so many organizations now invest thousands of dollars in improving customer experience. You can do this by using customer experience tools to determine customer pain points and gather customer feedback. It will help you understand their needs and improve your products or services accordingly.

The demand for analyzing customer experience leads to creating many customer experience analytics tools such as our FullSession. It includes session recordings and replays, interactive heatmaps, and a customer feedback tool to help you gather insights about your customer experience, analyze data and see where to make the necessary improvements. To find out if it suits your needs, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial and start testing FullSession.

Now, let’s cover some basics about customer experience analysis.

What is customer experience analysis?

Customer experience analysis relies on collecting data about the customer’s interaction with the brand at each stage of the customer’s journey. The goal is to understand better the customers’ needs, experiences, and perspectives about your products or services. This analysis serves as a basis for improving customer satisfaction with your business.  

Why is customer experience analysis important?

Customer experience is getting so much attention recently, as it turns out that this becomes the critical factor that differentiates one brand from another. On the other hand, a single bad experience is enough to lead to revenue loss, as statistics show us that 91% of customers who are unhappy with a brand will just leave without complaining.

That’s why brands focus on building customer loyalty by removing friction points and making the customer experience as smooth as possible.  As a result, the customers will have a long association with the brand and will likely spread the word about their positive experiences.

In addition, by providing a great customer experience, you reduce the number of product returns and avoid negative reviews. It also leads to better customer engagement, more customer acquisitions, and reduces marketing and service costs. Therefore companies are increasing efforts to solve any customer’s problem and to provide an exceptional consumer experience.

How to start with customer experience analysis?

To have a complete picture of your customer’s needs and expectations, you need to focus on gathering data to learn how customers interact with your brand. And how do you collect the data? 

With the use of a good customer experience analytics tool. Let’s take a look at the most helpful  software available on the market.

6 best tools for customer experience analysis in 2022

Here’s the ultimate list of the best customer experience analytics tools that will help you perform cx analytics and reach your business goals.

1. FullSession

FullSession Session Recording

Discover how your customers react to your website, web app, or landing page. With our tools, you’ll be able to single out any friction points and understand the reasons for users’ actions on your website.

We eliminate the guesswork by giving you the possibility to record and replay sessions and providing you with interactive heatmaps to see how users interact with your website and understand what they like or dislike the most. FullSession will empower you with insights that allow you to smooth out the users’ digital experience and increase customer satisfaction so that they will happily return for more.  

What else makes our software special? While other tools can significantly slow down the performance of your website, FullSession can perform the right customer experience analysis without changing the performance speed of your website. As a result, customers can enjoy browsing your website, as FullSession doesn’t affect their experience.

FullSession benefits

  1. Broader analytics tools for visitor behavior and friction points analysis
  2. Comprehensive analysis of issues that may lead to funnel dropouts and affect conversion rates
  3. Advanced filtering options to better understand visitors’ digital experience
  4. Identification of major events inside a session that saves time and gives you focus
  5.  Behavior and activity tracking to optimize conversion rates better

Who uses FullSession

FullSession is often selected by businesses within the eCommerce industry. It is a tool valued among developers, digital marketers, UX designers, web analytic experts, and product managers. 

FullSession deployment

Full Session is available in SaaS cloud-based subscription model. You can use FullSession for customer experience analysis of your website, web app or landing page.

FullSession features 

  • Session recordings
  • Session replays
  • Real-time and interactive heatmaps
  • Digital engagement monitoring
  • Advanced user filtering
  • Advanced segmentation
  • User feedback polls
  • Advanced user analytics

FullSession integrations 

To optimize your website for users more effectively, you can integrate FullSession with Shopify, Big Commerce, Wix, and WordPress.  

FullSession customer support 

We provide you with detailed guides and instructions. Check out our help center to learn anything you need to know about installing the FullSession app.

What’s more, our team is there to help you any time. Just start a live chat or drop us an email, and we’ll get back to you with the best advice. 

FullSession Pricing Plans

fullsession pricing plans

The FullSession platform offers a 14-day free trial. It provides two paid plans—Basic and Business. Here are more details on each plan.

  1. The Basic plan costs $39/month and allows you to monitor up to 5,000 monthly sessions.
  2. The Business plan costs $149/month and helps you to track and analyze up to 25,000 monthly sessions.
  3. The Enterprise plan starts from 100,000 monthly sessions and has custom pricing.

If you need more information, you can get a demo.

FullSession pros 

  • Advanced filtering options that give a more thorough insight into user’s digital experience
  • Activity and behavior tracking enable conversion rates optimization
  • Advanced behavior analytic tools to deeply comprehend user’s behavior

FullSession cons

  • FullSession doesn’t provide mobile app analytics
  • Interactive heatmaps are not fully deployed yet

2. Smartlook


Image source: getapp.com.au

What do actual users do on your website? Smartlook allows you to analyze customer behavior by recording their screens. You’ll know where the visitors spend most of their time on your website, what they clicked on, or what they wrote in a form field.

Smartlook features allow you to analyze a significant amount of recordings in a short time. You learn how customers interact with your brand.

Smartlook user rating

G2 rated Smartlook 4.6 out of 5 based on 844 user reviews.

Who uses Smartlook

Smartlook offers several benefits that will be appreciated by e-commerce sites, marketers, B2B vendors, web design agencies, and SMBs.

Examples of companies that use Smartlook include  AstroPay, Vertigo Games, Hookle, StoragePlug, Alza.cz, Elitade, Kiwi.com.

Smartlook deployment 

The tool is available as SaaS cloud-based model. Smartlook is available on Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Smartlook features 

  • Customer profiles
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer segmentation
  • Engagement tracking
  • Conversion tracking
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Activity dashboard

Smartlook integrations 

Standard integrations include Optimizely, Salesforce, Google Optimize, Google Analytics, Slack, and Sharing sessions (with Slack).

Beyond that, many premium integrations are available: Zapier, Make (formerly Itegromat), Zendesk, Intercom, Piwik PRO, Sentry, Mixpanel, and Segment.

Smartlook customer support 

If you have any issues, you can contact the help desk via email or ask a question in live chat. Phone support is also available. They also have a decent knowledge base where you can find the solution to your problem. 

Smartlook pricing 

The free package allows you to record 1,500 sessions a month. With the startup package, this grows to 5,000 sessions and $39 a month, and the Business package offers you 15,000 sessions for $95. They also provide a custom quote for the Ultimate package.

Smartlook pros

  • easy to use
  • automatically tracks important events
  • enables to review whole customer visit on your website
  • fast forward option
  • provides thorough information on user interaction with your website
  • various filters allow searching for specific sessions
  • user location is precisely shown 

Smartlook cons

  • bugs may occur in web-app
  • doesn’t allow to compare projects across platforms
  • a bit slow in comparison to other programs
  • it happens that the software fails to record some sessions

3. GainInsights


Image source: predictiveanalyticstoday.com

GainInsights lets you optimize customer experience by analyzing data from multiple sources. GainInsights aggregates it and provides one clear picture of customer data-driven insights.

The tool allows counter retention, helps you discover upsell possibilities, and decreases sudden churn by analyzing customer intelligence sources like usage logs, sales data, support tickets, and surveys.

GainInsights user rating

G2.com rated GainInsights 4.4 out of 5 based on 861 user reviews.

Who uses GainInsights

GainInsights is used by companies such as Verifone, Adobe, Bright Horizons, or Crisco.

GainInsights deployment 

GainInsights is a cloud-based solution available on mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad).

GainInsights features

GainInsights offers many useful features. Its set of solutions contains

  • Activity dashboard
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer segmentation
  • Communication management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Feedback management
  • Reference management

GainInsights Integrations 

Gainsight integrates with a variety of tools, for example, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Zoom, Outlook, Zendesk, and Zapier.

GainInsights customer support

GainInsights offers a searchable knowledge base and forum to dispel any uncertainties when using the software. You may also use chat or email to shoot your questions. And in case you prefer to hear a human voice, phone support is available too.

GainInsights pricing 

Gainsight does not offer a free trial. The pricing for the premium plans is available upon request. 

GainInsights pros 

  • allows you to automate almost every point in the Client LifeCycle and Maturity model. 
  • success plans per client
  • vast integration possibilities
  • strong reporting suite
  • simple and clean UI
  • allows creating usable dashboards for various situations

GainInsights cons

  • challenging to configure without support
  • frequent bugs
  • some users find it expensive
  • steep learning curve 
  • the wide availability of features makes it a bit clunky


4. GetFeedback


Image source: nicepng.com

GetFeedback is a CX solution to capture feedback from many different channels. The tool allows improving customer experience by analyzing trends and implementing quick solutions. GetFeedback contains a whole array of features to collect customer feedback in days instead of months. 

GetFeedback user rating

G2.com rated GetFeedback 4.5 out of 5 based on 313 user reviews.

Who uses GetFeedback

GetFeedback is used by such companies as AutoTrader, Puma, H&B, Toyota, Mercari, Headspace, or Carrefour.

GetFeedback deployment

GetFeedback offers a cloud-based subscription model.

GetFeedback features

  • customizable forms and templates
  • customer database
  • customer segmentation
  • campaign management
  • activity tracking
  • complaint monitoring
  • CES survey structure
  • CSAT survey structure
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • API
  • CRM

GetFeedback integrations 

Get feedback integrates with Salesforce, Google Analytics, Slack, Zendesk, Jira, ContentSquare, Webhooks, Acoustic, Chattermill, Adobe Analytics, Zapier, Decibel, Optimizely, Tealium, Google Tag Manager, and A/B Tasty.

GetFeedback customer support 

During regular business days, the GetFeedback team obliges to answer your emails within the time frame from 5:00 am to 5.00 pm.

Providing it is included in your Getfeedback subscription, you can also use phone or screen share support via Success or Implementation teams.  

GetFeedback pricing 

Three pricing plans are available at GetFeedback: Essentials, Pro, and Ultimate. The vendor provides price details upon request. GetFeedback offers a free trial and has a free plan.

GetFeedback pros

  • easy to use
  • allows creating surveys quickly
  • very advanced features
  • intuitive user interface and dashboard
  • allows gathering feedback across multiple channels like mobile, email, text, website, and social media
  • easy to embed an image
  • lets you share results and downloaded them in XLS format

 GetFeedback cons

  • customization of surveys is a bit poor
  • weak user permissions
  • not possible to save survey templates

5. Plerdy


Image source: softwareadvice.ie

Plerdy allows you to automatically collect various kinds of data valuable to derive conclusions on how to grow conversion. Plerdy Heatmaps tell you where exactly visitors clicked on your website, recording them in real-time. 

There is no need to hire developers to create smart pop-ups. With Plerdy, you can design them on your own and display them on your website. Beyond that, you will get regular notifications  – SEO alerts – designed to analyze SEO factors on your website continuously.  

Plerdy user rating

G2.com rated Plerdy 4.6 out of 5 based on 103 user reviews.

Who uses Plerdy

Plerdy is used by companies like Honda, Subaru, Huggies, KredoBank, Ukrposhta, or Softserve.

Plerdy deployment 

Plerdy is a cloud-based cloud tool available in the SaaS subscription model.

Plerdy features 

  • Reporting and statistics 
  • Visual analytics
  • Real-time data
  • Content management
  • Audit management
  • Heatmaps
  • Conversion tracking
  • Website analytics
  • Competitive analysis

Plerdy integrations

Plerdy integrates with Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Sendinblue, SendPulse, Google Search Console, eSputink, UniSender, WordPress, InSales, and PRMEWS. 

Plerdy customer support 

Plerdy customer support team is available via email. You can also search their knowledge base to find answers to your questions.

Plerdy pricing

Plerdy offers a free plan that enables you to track 2,000 page views per day, receive three heatmaps reports daily, and record 100 video sessions.

If you need more, choose one of their pricing plans which begins at $23 a month for Start, raises to $47 a month for Business, and $79 a month for Premium. 

Plerdy pros 

  • attractive price in comparison to similar tools in the industry
  • unique reporting structure
  • broad functionality
  • detailed filtering of heatmap analysis
  • contains useful SEO checker
  • clear and intuitive UI
  • funnel tracking 

Plerdy cons

  • the dashboard might seem a bit tricky to use
  • allows to compare 30 days of the SEO audit maximum, which in many situations is not enough
  • user interface is filled with a lot of information, and that sometimes makes it a bit messy

6. Decibel Insight

Decibel Insight

Image source: startupbeat.com

How do users behave on websites and apps? How to improve the customer experience in every minor aspect of their journey? Decibel helps you to discover precisely how to do that.  

You’ll learn hundreds of tiny details, including device rotations and mouse movements. The accurate picture will tell you everything about the user’s visit to the page and capture any errors, so you learn how to eliminate them.

Decibel measures online experiences using a unique new metric – Digital Experience Score (DXS), which is powered by machine learning. 

Decibel user rating

G2.com rated Decibel 4.3 out of 5 based on 32 user reviews. 

Who uses Decibel

Decibel is used by companies like Lego, British Airways, Unive, Ferguson, Safelite, Fidelity International, Provident, Tesco, River Island.

Decibel deployment

Decibel is available as a cloud-based Saas subscription model. You can also use it on Mac, Windows, and Android devices.

Decibel Features 

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Collaboration tools
  • Data visualization
  • Performance metrics
  • Multi-channel data collection
  • Visual analytics
  • Time on-site tracking

Decibel Integrations

Decibel integrates with the following apps: Analytics, Audience Manager, Campaign, Target, Appdynamics, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Iperceptions, Medallia, Monetate, Opentext, Optimizely, Oracle, Qualaroo, Qualtrics, Qubit, Slack, Tealium, Usabiila.

Decibel Customer Support

Decibel has offices worldwide with dedicated teams ready to answer all your questions. They provide 24/7 Live Rep for direct contact, email, chat support, and a knowledge base.

Decibel Pricing

Decibel asks $1400 as a starting price guideline, but they adjust it to the client’s specific requirements. There’s no free trial or free plan of Decibel.

Decibel Pros

  • enables to view sessions with particular issues
  • contains useful page discovery tools
  • allows you to visualize user behavior thanks to heatmaps
  • includes customer journey tracking and page discovery tools
  • session replays let you see customer journeys first hand
  • integrates with different tools

Decibel Cons

  • big amount of bugs
  • complex interface
  • limitations in exporting and filtering data
  • the vast amount of data can be overwhelming
  • a small number of predictive analytical tools

Customer Experience Analysis Software Overview

Still unsure which customer experience analysis tool you should pick? Take a look at the table below to have a bird’s eye view of the six best tools we mentioned in our list.

Funnel Optimization Yes Yes No No Yes No
Session recordingsYesYesNoNoYesYes
Customer feedbackYesNoNoYesNoNo





help center,




knowledge base,




knowledge base,




knowledge base,




knowledge base,




knowledge base,



Free trialYesYesNoYesYesNo
PricingStarts at $39 per monthStarts at $39 per monthAvailable upon requestNot provided by vendorStarting at $29 per month$1400


Increase customer happiness with customer experience analysis

Customer experience analysis is a way of collecting feedback throughout different customer journey points to enable brands to adjust to the customer’s needs. Excellent CX strategy is a top brand differentiator that creates positive customer sentiment and makes customers spread word of mouth about the company.

With FullSession, you will be able to thoroughly analyze visitor behavior and identify pain points that may lead to increased bounce rates and negatively affect conversion rates.

Our advanced filtering options will provide a deep analysis of the customer’s digital experience. Above all, FullSession allows collecting customer feedback without affecting the performance of your website.

So why don’t you try out all of the features FullSession offers? You’ve got nothing to lose. We give you fourteen days to check out how FullSession can positively influence the customer experience on your website, and you don’t even have to use a credit card to enroll for the free trial – we made it as easy as possible. Sign up and start your adventure with FullSession right away.

FAQs In Relation to Customer Experience Analysis

Need to know more about customer experience analysis? We’ve put together a shortlist of commonly asked questions to let you dive deeper into the topic.

What makes a good customer experience?

Excellent customer service doesn’t mean meeting expectations. It goes further than that. The aim is to exceed expectations and make sure the association with the brand is as good as possible. It means showing a pleasant attitude, resolving any issues quickly, and valuing customers’ time.

What are the three main components of customer experience?

The success in customer experience relies on focusing on the following three areas:

  1. Providing smooth and frictionless interactions
  2. Guaranteeing fast service
  3. Ensuring the customer feels understood.

These answers are based on a report from Pega, whose survey questioned 5,000 CX practitioners and business decision-makers across 12 countries.

What are the benefits of performing a customer experience analysis?

1. Customer experience analysis improves customer acquisition

In the era of social media, word of mouth has become as powerful as it has never been before. It is almost certain that a happy client will spread the word about companies that provide exceptional customer experience. And that is a surefire way to increase customer base.

The best way to increase customer trust these days is to leverage the company’s social media presence. From the first point of contact, brands do everything to maintain a positive customer experience. Building a long-term relationship with the customer ensures that the customer will further recommend the company.

2. Customer experience analysis increases customer engagement

Having a positive experience with a business creates trust. Thus companies reach out to the customers who already know their brand with propositions that add value. 

How can brands get additional feedback? Engagement through email and social media is a great way to do this. When an atmosphere of trust is created, consumers are ready to speak about their needs. And the data collected this way gives valuable insights and opens the possibility for companies to improve their products and services.

3. Customer experience analysis increases conversion rate

Feedback can improve product offerings. Happy customers who know you have considered their comments will provide more feedback. Companies need to care about customer satisfaction and increase efforts to achieve customer delight to create such relationships with their customers.

It is important to stress that relationships should always lie at the center of such efforts, and revenue increase should become a side-effect. The same attitude will help to turn prospects into long-term customers.

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