Best Smartlook Alternatives in 2022


The popularity of Smartlook, a tool that offers both web analytics and mobile analytics, results from its useful features like session recording, heatmaps, and automatic event tracking. However, there are many competitive tools on the market that might be more convenient for your business needs, depending on what features you look for.   We prepared […]

Lucky Orange Alternatives: the Top 5 Tools to Test in 2022

lucky orange alternatives

When running a website, you need to make the best decisions to optimize it successfully. It is possible when you have accurate data. Which web analytics software will give you precise user behavioral data? What tool will help you dig deeper into site errors?   Lucky Orange has gained some attention, but it has its […]

The FullStory Competitors You Need to Evaluate in 2022


It’s no longer a secret that traditional web analytics tools such as Google Analytics lack user behavior tracking. For this reason, many product teams look for advanced web analytics tools as an alternative to monitor user behavior and improve their products accordingly.   FullStory, as one of these solutions, has gained some attention, but it […]

We Tried 5 Mixpanel Alternatives: Here’s Our Feedback


With so much web analytics software available today, finding one that best suits your business needs can be challenging.    Mixpanel is a helpful tool for gaining insights into your products and users. It offers a variety of features for monitoring user activities, tracking user cohorts, and analyzing user behavior. However, this solution is not […]

Decibel Insight vs Hotjar: How They Compare

We all know this scenario: you encounter a website with a brilliant idea, but then you quickly find out that its layout is far from perfect and makes using the website a real struggle. You shrug and look for an alternative – maybe even one that’s less functional, but at least you can use it […]

QuantumMetric vs Glassbox: Which Should You Choose?

quantum metric

In today’s digital world, customer experience is becoming increasingly important. As the demand for personalized experiences grows, businesses need to adopt new technologies and tools that can help them analyze user behavior and provide a better experience for their customers.   User experience is crucial for successful businesses because it helps drive company growth and […]

UserZoom vs UserTesting: Which Website Testing Tool is Right for You


We live in a digital age where the Internet has become an excellent resource for companies that know how to use it. Nowadays, if you’re not present on the Internet, you’re missing a perfect opportunity to reach your target audience.  However, you cannot just create a website and expect it to convert visitors into customers. […]

Hotjar vs Smartlook: Which Is the Better Tool for Your Website


If you’re running a business, you already know the importance of web analytics. While a traditional analytics tool like Google Analytics may show you significant numbers like churn rate, page traffic, or bounce rates, how do you learn how users behave on your site? Advanced web analytics tools such as FullSession, Hotjar, and Smartlook can […]

11 Best Ways To Use UX Analytics Tool For Your Website

Visual Feedback

Providing a relevant and meaningful user experience is essential for any website, but defining what makes up a good user experience can be challenging. Figuring out what product features draw or repel users is easier said than done. Luckily, the UX analytics tool helps you find the answer to this question and understand user behavior.  […]

The Customer Feedback Report: What You Need to Know

There are nearly two billion websites nowadays and around five billion active internet users around the globe. If you have an online business, people worldwide visit your website 24/7. It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd in such a vast ocean of easily accessible information. Having reliable analytics tools is critical because you […]