We Tried Hotjar vs Inspectlet: Here’s Our Feedback

Hotjar vs Inspectlet

If you want to discover how your website visitors behave, you need to use the right web analytics tool. But first, you need to decide what you want to achieve and what technology you want to use. Today we want to compare and contrast Hotjar and Inspectlet. We’ve been using these tools for a while […]

We Tried Hotjar vs Lucky Orange: Here’s Our Feedback

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar

In 2021, running a successful website without web analytics software is almost impossible. Heatmaps play an essential role in sourcing reliable information that can help optimize website performance, which is why more and more users are signing up for a version of the software that agrees with their requirements. Assuming you are focused on driving […]

Hotjar Review: What We Like and Don’t Like

Understanding how your website visitors behave is essential to the success of your online business. The best way to measure your website’s performance is through the use of web analytics tools. These tools will help you improve your website and increase conversion by offering insights into how your users behave, where they click, and whether […]

We Tried Hotjar vs Mixpanel vs Clicktale: Here’s Our Feedback

hotjar vs mixpanel

Finding the right web analytics software for your business is like finding a needle in a haystack. To make your life easier, we decided to test Hotjar, Mixpanel, and Clicktale and compare them with FullSession, our web analytics software. In this blog post, we will share our experience with these three tools. You will learn […]

Hotjar vs Google Analytics: Do you Really Need Both?

hotjar vs google

When we were planning the features of FullSession, our behavioral analytics software, we tested many other tools to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses because our goal was to build something even better with these lessons in mind. In this blog post, we will give you a detailed walkthrough of the differences between Google […]

An Expert Comparison of Hotjar vs Crazy Egg

Hotjar vs Crazyegg

In 2021, user behavior is king, that is – understanding user behavior and predicting your website visitors’ next move. As assumption is the base of all slip-ups, especially for those running a website or an online store, you need to be very careful with the way you scan your web pages and collect your incoming […]

Hotjar vs Crazy Egg vs Mouseflow vs FullStory [Ultimate Comparison]

Hotjar vs Google Analytics Hotjar vs Crazy Egg vs Mouseflow vs FullStory

The importance of web analytics becomes painfully clear to anyone who bleeds customers and potential leads due to glitchy or poorly designed websites. Your visitors might be enraged by broken links or slow-loading pages, while potential customers might fall through holes in your conversion funnels. Web analytics tools help you avoid these situations by feeding […]

Hotjar vs FullStory: Features, Price, & In-depth Comparison

Hotjar vs Fullstory

Drawing in visitors to your site is only the first part of the equation. Once they reach your website, there are many things that can go wrong. They might be off-put by an awkwardly designed interface, frustrated by unresponsive buttons or just plain old bored by what they find, never reaching the content you’ve carefully […]

Best Hotjar Alternatives You Were Looking For

Hotjar alternatives

Suppose you are a website owner, a blogger, or any other professional who earns from their website engagement. In that case, the main thing to know is how customers experience your website – and, without an online user feedback tool, you won’t get much information. If you have been using Hotjar till now and you […]

Website Marketers: Tips to Maximize Your Digital Customer Experience

Digital customer experience

Recent Survey Results: Consumers Don’t Simply Care About Price and Product — They Demand a Great Digital Experience, Too Digital experience is emerging as a key factor for online engagement for consumers in North America, according to a recent survey from FullStory. Key findings from the digital customer experience survey can guide online merchants and service […]