So many websites out there are just seconds away from reaching their peak conversion performance, but they need the right tools to get there. Curious about what these game-changing tools could be? This isn’t just another listicle; it’s the perfect tool stack that will actually increase your site’s conversions and performance. 

Below is our pack of the 9 best website optimization tools that will take your site performance to the next level.


1. User Behavior Tools

What businesses are starting to understand nowadays is that traditional metrics and insights into their customers behavior aren’t cutting it. Knowing every action that a customer takes on their journey through your site is crucial, and also understanding why they do what they do. Luckily, these are features that FullSession provides.

Session Recording

Session recording is having video footage of every single movement any visitor makes on your site. It gives an in-depth view of user behavior on your site.

FullSession’s Session Recording feature, allows you to see how users interact with different elements on your page. This lets you identify potential roadblocks and make necessary adjustments.

FullSession Session Recording tool

Fullsession user session recording and replay tools provide a time-stamped record of each user event that occurred in a user session. It lets you see what users do when navigating your site, so you can use the insights to improve the user experience.

Here is a list of the top 8 session recording softwares.

How does a tool like this match up with analytics that Google provides?

Data points that Fullsession provides:

  • User location and IP address
  • Clicked URL
  • Referrals
  • Visited pages
  • Average time on page
  • Total active time on pages
  • Session list
  • Session event

All within one clean dashboard

FullSession session recording tool data


After collecting sufficient traffic data, there is no need to individually review each customer’s recording. Fullsession offers heatmaps sessions that aggregate and analyze all the data, providing valuable insights without the need for manual inspection. 

Here is the ultimate guide to click tracking.

Click Maps

FullSession click map


Mouse Movement Maps

Fullsession mouse movement


Scroll Maps

Fullsession scroll map

Heatmaps provide valuable data for analysis and decision-making purposes. 

For more insights, here is a curated list of the best 6 heatmap tools.

You can optimize your site per section per page, that’s how detailed these analytics get!

  • Preview the heatmap on different devices
  • See the number of total views and total clicks
  • Track error clicks
  • Track rage clicks
  • Track dead clicks
  • See the average load time on page
Fullsession heatmap data


Funnel Optimization

The funnel signifies various steps taken by visitors before converting into customers; identifying any stage where they drop off becomes crucial here. Fullsession aids this process through its funnel visualization tool that provides real-time insights into why customers abandon your site.

You can’t visualize your funnel without a proper analytics tool.

Fullsession funnel chart

Once you generate enough data, Fullsession will give you predictable generated insights instantly that would usually take a full research team weeks.

Fullsession funnel data


FullSession pricing plans

Fullsession pricing plans

The FullSession platform offers a 14-day free trial. It provides two paid plans—Basic and Business. Here are more details on each plan.

  1. The Basic plan costs $39/month and allows you to monitor up to 5,000 monthly sessions
  2. The Business plan costs $149/month and helps you to track and analyze up to 25,000 monthly sessions
  3. The Enterprise plan starts from 100,000 monthly sessions and has custom pricing

If you need more information, you can get a demo.

So far, we went over traditional analytic tools, and then Fullsession. A tool with valuable insights that all businesses today need for their site audits. Next we’ll talk about what other tools you can use for a valuable UX audit.

2. Analytics Tools

The first bunch of the best website optimization tools are analytical tools.

Installing analytics tools on your site help to unlock insights about traffic trends that you couldn’t see otherwise. The big names here include Google Analytics and Search Console.

Google Analytics

Think of Google Analytics as a detective for your site’s traffic patterns. It can tell you what pages visitors visit most often, how long they stay there – even their demographic info.

You might find that the majority of your users hail from a specific city or prefer browsing at certain times of day. This data helps to fine-tune marketing strategies and tailor your site content or CTA’s to a certain demographic.

Google Search Console

Search Console, another product by Google, is an SEO secret weapon. While a regular traffic analytics tool tells you where the traffic goes on your site, Google Search Console tells you where your traffic came from, specifically regarding organic search. Incorporating it into your toolkit can help you create an effective international SEO checklist and achieve success on global markets. 

The ‘Performance’ report shows which queries lead users to your site while the ‘URL inspection’ feature checks individual webpages for crawl errors.


What’s the solution to wrap all this together? A tool like comes into play. FullSession goes beyond typical metrics by offering traditional metrics about your traffic, but also behavioral analytics such as session recording and heatmaps about your traffic — perfect if the generic stats in Google Analytics don’t tell you enough about your potential customers.

3. Content Tools

Utilizing the right content tools can significantly enhance the creation of captivating your visitors. Let’s investigate the best tool stack to do this.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is your go-to for improving readability and clarity. This tool helps you simplify complex sentences and eliminate unnecessary adverbs or passive voice instances, making your writing bold and clear.

Stats that Hemingway App provides:

Hemingway stats

If Hemingway were alive today, he’d probably use this app himself.

CMS Platforms

A CMS allows you to control the entirety of your website from a single hub. You can manage content seamlessly from a CMS. Once you have data analysis complete and you know what to edit for your target audience, a CMS is the easiest way to go.

Webflow, known for its ease-of-use and extensive customization options, stands out among CMS platforms. Here is a full comparison of Webflow and another famous platform WordPress.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO takes content creation up a notch by helping you optimize it based on real-time search data. You don’t need to be an SEO whiz to get started; Surfer does most heavy lifting so that even newbies can create SEO friendly posts.

This software helps by using natural language processing (NLP). So now you’re not only speaking directly to readers but also giving Google exactly what it wants to get your website ranking.

This concludes our dive into essential content tools needed for successful website optimization. These resources, when used correctly, can give your content a significant boost in both quality and visibility.

4. Website Performance Tools

Your website’s performance can make or break your online success. Fortunately, there are some excellent testing tools to ensure your website runs optimally.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This handy tool from Google helps identify areas of improvement for your site speed. It gives you real-time reports on how well your pages are performing and offers suggestions on what needs fixing to optimize for a faster loading site.

PageSpeed Insights are crucial to gain a better customer experience.

Mobile Friendly Site Checker

In today’s world where most users are using their smartphones, it’s crucial to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. The Mobile Friendly Test lets you know if a page on your site works well on mobile devices or not. 

If any issues pop up during the test, this tool provides detailed info so you can fix them right away.

Ahrefs for SEO

Ahrefs is more than just an SEO audit tool – it’s like having a personal assistant who knows everything about search engine optimization. Ahrefs has the perfect SEO analysis tools for keyword rankings, SEO content optimization and link building.

You’ll get access to valuable data such as backlink analysis on your backlink profile, keyword research opportunities and more which will give vital insights into enhancing visibility and rank tracking.

Now, these performance tools are mainly here to help you optimize getting qualified traffic. One important optimization tool is missing, which includes getting feedback.

5. On Page Customer Feedback

Knowing what your customers think about your website is crucial. Gathering customer opinions about your website is essential, and one way to do it is by getting feedback directly from the page. Fullsession lets you do just that.

In-App Surveys

Collect data about your web design and optimize through feedback requests and surveys. It’s the easiest way to build private customer reviews.

Fullsession feedback form

NPS Score: Your Website’s Report Card

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) can be a powerful tool for understanding customer satisfaction and loyalty. It’s a report for your site, you get numbers from -100 to 100 telling how likely customers are to recommend your site. 

FullSession allows you to gather NPS scores directly from each webpage. This gives insights into specific pages or features users love or hate, necessary for a successful UX audit.

Fullsession NPS score

If you would like to get direct feedback anywhere on your site, and complete the perfect tool stack for conversion rate optimization, then get a demo here.

FAQs in Relation to Best Website Optimization Tools

What is the best tool for optimization?

The best tool often depends on your needs, but FullSession and Google Search Console are highly rated for their full suite of features.

What are 3 methods that can be used to optimize a website?

You can use analytics tools, focus on user behavior with session recording, heatmaps and in-app survey’s for feedback.

What are website optimization tools?

Website optimization tools like FullSession help enhance the user experience. They provide insights into visitor behavior, monitor site performance and give feedback from users directly.

How do I optimize my existing website?

First, you’ll want to dig into your site’s data using an analytic tool. This will give you a solid understanding of how users interact with your website. Next, assess the quality of your content and make sure it’s top-notch. Finally, perform a thorough SEO analysis to get the most qualified traffic to your site.

Try FullSession for free

Don’t hesitate to start gaining actionable insights into user behavior by looking at how FullSession works. You can test our solution by signing up for a free trial or scheduling a demo.

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