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The Importance of Middle of Funnel Marketing: How to Increase Conversion Rates

In today’s digital age, most businesses understand the importance of capturing leads and bringing in new customers through effective top-of-the-funnel marketing strategies. However, many companies often overlook the middle of the funnel, which is just as crucial to a website-based business.


This middle stage of the funnel includes mid-funnel leads – those who have shown interest in your brand but haven’t yet converted into paying customers. To attract their attention, you need to start with middle-of-funnel marketing, which focuses on refining the customer experience to drive conversions.


In this article, we will explore the mid-funnel content and techniques and tactics you can use to optimize your marketing efforts and convert interested prospects into loyal customers.


We will also explain how to use FullSession, our UX analytics tool, for customer experience analysis and increasing conversion rate. Start your free trial or get a demo to see how FullSession works.


Let’s start by defining MOFU marketing.

What is the middle of funnel marketing?

Image source: CoSchedule

Middle-of-funnel marketing (Mid-funnel marketing, MOFU) is a form of digital marketing that focuses on engaging an audience already familiar with a brand or product.

MOFU marketing aims to nurture leads and bring them closer to purchasing by providing additional information about the product or service, building trust and credibility for the brand, and creating a more personalized experience for the customer.

Examples of MOFU activities include developing lead magnets, creating targeted ads, and offering discounts or promotions.

Why is mid funnel marketing important?

Image source: Think With Google

Here are some of the most significant reasons that make mid-funnel marketing crucial for most companies – especially those in the eCommerce sector. You can:


  • Reach a wider audience
  • Generate and nurture leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Increase website traffic
  • Personalize customer experience
  • Establish trust and credibility
  • Shape customer expectations
  • Speed up product adoption
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Optimize customer journey


Considering all this, it’s no wonder that middle-of-funnel marketing can offer plenty of great benefits. What are they?

What are the benefits of the middle of funnel marketing?

Image source: Unsplash

Here are the key benefits of middle-of-funnel marketing. You can:


  1. Learn how to create relevant content and craft messages that resonate with your target audience.
  2. Enjoy greater flexibility by testing various mid-funnel marketing tactics and techniques and assessing which efforts effectively reach your customers.
  3. Enhance customer experience by bridging the gap between awareness and decision, providing relevant information, and addressing customers’ doubts or questions.
  4. Position yourself as an industry leader and make your business more attractive to potential customers.
  5. Increase the customer lifetime value, resulting in a higher ROI in the long run.


Let’s share some critical metrics to understand if your marketing efforts are helping or hindering your business.

What metrics to track to evaluate your marketing funnel

Image source: Pixabay

Here are seven metrics you should pay attention to assess the effectiveness of your middle-of-funnel marketing efforts

  • Lead generation rate
  • Lead conversion rate
  • Cost per lead
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Engagement rate
  • Time on site
  • Bounce rate

Tracking metrics is essential, but you may wonder how to use middle-of-funnel marketing to boost your conversion rates. Don’t worry – we got you covered!

Middle of funnel marketing tactics to boost conversions

Image source: Semrush

Let’s look at the essential middle-of-funnel tactics you can use to improve your conversion rates.

Create targeted landing pages

A landing page guides visitors toward a specific action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or requesting more information. It effectively captures the attention of your mid-funnel audience by providing a clear and focused message tailored to their needs and interests.

Use retargeting ads

Image source: Hey Digital


Retargeting is a form of online advertising to track and target people who have previously visited your website. You can show ads to these visitors as they navigate the web, capitalizing on their previous interest in your business and increasing the chances of converting them into customers.

Offer personalized recommendations

Personalized recommendations are a powerful way to engage with your audience. Using data about your customers’ past behavior, you can create customized recommendations more likely to be relevant and valuable to them.

Conduct A/B testing

A/B testing allows you to compare variations of web pages, email marketing campaigns, and social media marketing campaigns to identify the one that drives the most conversions.

Implement live chat

Image source: Dashly

Live chat is a real-time communication tool that allows you to assist website visitors, answer their questions, and lead them to purchase.

Offer free trials or demos

Offering free trials or demos of your product or service is an effective way to attract customers and increase conversions by allowing them to experience the value of your offering before committing to purchase.

Use customer testimonials and reviews

Testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers can help establish trust and credibility and increase conversion rates.

Which forms of compelling content work best for middle-of-funnel marketing? Let’s discover!

Practical mid funnel content ideas to boost conversions

Here are some content ideas to consider for your middle-of-funnel marketing strategy.

Case studies

These customer success stories how a product or service has helped a specific customer solve a problem or reach a goal.

Comparison guides

A comparison guide provides potential customers with the necessary information to evaluate options and make informed decisions before purchasing a product.

Interactive tools or calculators

Image source: Outgrow

Interactive calculators empower potential customers to input their data and evaluate a product’s or service’s potential benefits for their specific situation.

White papers or research reports

White papers are detailed, persuasive documents you can use to outline a problem and present your product as a solution backed up with research and data.

Industry reports or trends

Sharing relevant industry insights or trends helps potential customers see how a product or service fits into the bigger picture and how it can help them stay competitive.

E-books and checklists

Image source: GoSquared

You can use e-books and checklists as lead magnets and require visitors to provide contact information in exchange for access to the content.


Infographics present complex information in an easy-to-digest format using pictures, charts, and diagrams and help customers take the desired action faster, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service.


Image source: GoSquared

You can use podcasts to provide valuable, relevant content that helps you establish yourself as an authority in your field, build trust, and improve relationships with potential customers.

Blog posts

You can write blog posts that provide value and focus on topics related to your product or service to drive conversions.

How to know how your middle-of-funnel content or sales funnel performs? Start using FullSession to monitor critical data. Let’s explain how it works.

How to optimize your middle of funnel marketing strategy with FullSession

FullSession is our product analytics platform that provides you with product metrics you can use to understand how your website, web app, or landing performs and how users behave while browsing your site.


This insight helps you understand the entire customer journey, so you can optimize marketing funnel stages, improve the customer experience, and ultimately increase conversions.


Let’s discuss the key features of our CRO tool.



Tracking funnels and conversions

Funnel tracking is an essential tool for website conversions as it allows you to measure the effectiveness of the user experience, content, and overall design.

You can identify which pages users enter and leave, where they abandon the funnel, and then use this information to tailor your web pages to serve your customers better, making them easier to navigate and more likely to convert.

Tracking UTM campaigns, mediums, and sources

By tracking UTM campaigns, mediums, and sources, you can analyze the impact of your marketing campaigns on critical metrics such as website traffic, engagement, and conversions.


You can track which channels people use to find your website. The sources parameter lets you identify articles and ads that drive traffic exceptionally well. The campaigns parameter allows you to track how effective specific campaigns are.


It helps you understand what drives middle-of-funnel activity best to optimize your marketing efforts accordingly.

Session recordings and replays

With session recording tools, you can gain insight into how users interact with your website, identify areas of improvement, and create more personalized experiences that drive conversions.


It helps you identify potential errors or usability issues on the website, which can lead to lost conversions. You can measure the effectiveness of A/B testing, track customer journeys, and discover customer preferences and motivations.

Interactive heatmaps

Interactive heatmaps are essential for conversion optimization because they provide insight into users’ behavior. They can show where visitors click, how far down a page they scroll, and what elements receive the most attention.

You can optimize calls-to-action, messaging, and other elements on a page to increase conversions by understanding which site features are working and which aren’t.

Click map example

Cursor movement map example

Scroll map example

Website feedback forms and customer feedback reports

With FullSession, you can create branded website feedback forms and collect responses from your users to assess their satisfaction and make improvements to enhance their experience.

You can see each feedback in a detailed report and watch a session recording to get the context behind each action.

Middle of funnel marketing: Wrapping up

Middle-of-funnel marketing is essential for any company looking to build its client base, increase customer engagement, and boost conversions.


A customer-centric marketing strategy has to lie at the center of your efforts. You must reach your target audience, deliver compelling content that answers their needs and provide an exceptional experience to convert them to paying customers.


To evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts, you need to use a web analytics platform like FullSession. It helps you track your funnels and UTMs, observe user interactions with session recordings, and analyze engagement data with interactive heatmaps.


It also lets you set up website feedback forms to ask your customers what they think of your products and make improvements based on their comments.


Interested? Sign up for a free trial or schedule a demo to see FullSession in action!