A website heatmap is a graphical representation of the data on your website pages. Different values of the data are represented by different colors which reveal the user activity. Website heatmap tracking tools are an amazing way to figure out the sections of your web pages where your users spend the most time, the sections where they click or scroll, and the sections that they ignore.

Why use website heatmap tracking tools?

To increase the level of digital engagement

By identifying user’s clicks, scrolls, behavior on your website, it becomes easier to identify critical digital engagement touchpoints. Thus it helps you make the necessary changes to the website to make it more engaging for the users. And also it would enhance the digital customer experience. In the absence of a higher level of digital engagement, you can formulate new strategies to reinforce users’ digital engagement on your business website.

To find out the user issues on the website

Sometimes, there are some sections of your website that may propose any sort of complexities or difficulties to the users. As a result, there are chances that those users stop returning to your website in the future. To avoid losing clients due to a bad digital customer experience, a free website heatmap tool will help you figure out user issues and resolve them.

Identify if users are utilizing the main buttons or sections

Behavioral analytics software such as those provided by FullSession identify if the users are utilizing the main buttons or visiting the main sections of your website. Website heatmap software would help you find out if your users are clicking on the CTA’s (call to action) buttons or not. It may also show you if your website users are accessing the important sections of your website or not. Thus, you would be aware of the fact if your website’s main sections/buttons are effective or if they are not catching the customers’ attention.

To see what elements are distracting or attracting customers

It happens sometimes that few sections of a website distract the visitors from the main or important sections. At the same time, they could be attracted by the sections that are not important. Many free Website heatmap tracking tools will show you a graphical representation of what attracts or distracts the customer

What sections need improvements or reorganization

Through website heatmaps, you can detect which sections of your website need improvement or reorganization. It becomes easier to identify sections of your website that should appear on top to grab the user’s attention. And it will also give you an idea about which sections should come later. Similarly, it can also help you identify the essential changes that your website needs for a better user experience. Through digital analytics, you can make sure to maximize the conversion rate. And increase revenue on your website by improving the digital experience for value-driven for your customers.

Website Heatmap for improved optimization

Behavioral analytics software plays a crucial role in improved optimization of the varying segments of your website. For better optimization, FullSession, heat mapping tool allows you to segment your visitors’ interactions by multiple filters such as geography, traffic sources, user attributes, device, etc.

Try FullSession interactive heatmap tracking tool!

FullSession interactive heatmap offers you a  dynamic digital experience to make the best use of heatmaps. Static website heatmaps only plot graphical representation on static pages such as landing pages. FullSession interactive website heatmaps will allow you to have a live and dynamic experience. Whether dynamic URLs on your website such as sliders, side panels, drop-down menus, popups, or specific elements, they would always be tracked without being missed. Instead of waiting for processed data on a static website heatmap, you can now access real-time data to track customers’ behavior.

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