Hotjar vs FullStory: Features, Price, & In-depth Comparison

Hotjar vs Fullstory

Drawing in visitors to your site is only the first part of the equation. Once they reach your website, there are many things that can go wrong. They might be off-put by an awkwardly designed interface, frustrated by unresponsive buttons or just plain old bored by what they find, never reaching the content you’ve carefully […]

We Tried 4 Hotjar alternatives – Here’s Our Feedback

Hotjar alternatives

Suppose you are a website owner, a blogger, or any other professional who earns from their website engagement. In that case, the main thing to know is how customers experience your website – and, without an online user feedback tool, you won’t get much information. If you have been using Hotjar till now and you […]

Website Marketers: Tips to Maximize Your Digital Customer Experience

Digital customer experience

Recent Survey Results: Consumers Don’t Simply Care About Price and Product — They Demand a Great Digital Experience, Too Digital experience is emerging as a key factor for online engagement for consumers in North America, according to a recent survey from FullStory. Key findings from the digital customer experience survey can guide online merchants and service […]

Top 8 eCommerce Trends For 2021

eCommerce trends

Successful online Platforms Now Need To Extend Their Focus To Growing Customer Expectations, MobileShopping Expansion, And More

What is Digital Customer Experience?

A Digital Customer Experience Turns Potential Customers Into Loyal Followers.

Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) make way to collect fast, multi-faceted, and high-stakes digital experiences data. A digital experience manager can use the data on digital engagement and digital experiences from a DXP or other behavioral analytics software to fine-tune a brand’s customer experience. These tools offer more frequent and complex data than offline customer experience […]

Merge Qualitative & Quantitative Data to Give Good Customer Experience

Qualitative And Quantitative Data

The right approach to combine the qualitative vs quantitative data research can help you shift through user data to optimize your website design. For years — perhaps too long, in fact — website UX/UI experts have pointed to quantitative data to try and explain how users are interacting with web pages and how those pages […]

Top Five Digital Customer Experience Trends For E-commerce Websites

Optimize Your E-Commerce Store with These Five Customer Experience Trends.

In this modern-day and age, people’s lives are becoming more interwoven with technology. Thus, companies are constantly searching for ways (like enhancing digital customer experience trends) to meet the contemporary man’s demands and keep abreast of the tightening competition in the digital landscape. With the onslaught of COVID-19 last year, consumers’ demands for instant services […]

Top 3 E-Commerce Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business Growth

Grow Your E-Commerce Business with These Effective Marketing Strategies

To withstand the test of times, business owners must constantly improve and enhance their products and services. Whether your business is in its neonatal period or has already established a brand that customers have grown to love, the need to keep abreast of the reigning successful marketing strategies & trends in 2021 to keep your […]

9 Amazing Ways Session Recording Enhance Digital Customer Experience

Best Digital Customer Experience

Use session recording to optimize CTA placement, fix bugs and errors, and eliminate confirmation bias Session recording, also known as session replay, is emerging as a key tool for digital customer experience specialists who want to identify website user pain points and improve overall customer experience. Not that long ago, when designers, marketers, and developers […]

What is Website Heatmap Tracking tool? | Best Benefits of using Heatmaps

Website heatmap tracking

A website heatmap is a graphical representation of the data on your website pages. Different values of the data are represented by different colors which reveal the user activity. Website heatmap tracking tools are an amazing way to figure out the sections of your web pages where your users spend the most time, the sections […]